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Oncology Appointment – Good News/Bad News

30 Apr

Kevan and I went to my Oncology check-up appointment today.  I tried to talk my doctor into letting me get hair extensions through my insurance so I wouldn’t have to pay for them.  I mean, really….it is causing emotional distress having this short curly hair.  lol!  He wouldn’t go for it.  But, he joked and said that he had a hair extension side business.  Ha!  Being an oncologist….he would make a bundle!  🙂

The GREAT news is that all things cancer related came back great.  I talked to him a little about how I am eating better than I was before cancer and about the same amount and still not losing weight.  Kevan and I are taking 1.5-3 mile walks several times a week as well.  I just cannot get this weight off.  He told me that once my metabolism ramps back up (now that I’m no longer in menopause) that I should start losing the weight I’ve gained.  So, we left with all great news.  Then….

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