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Menopause Update

16 Sep

I’ve been avoiding my blog. Mostly because I didn’t have any real updates and also because I didn’t want to sit down at my computer once I finished working. I was working way too many hours, but things are a bit calmer now (thankfully).

I have a huge praise regarding one of my previous posts. I can’t remember if wrote about this before, but when I saw my Oncologist in February I told him I had a suspicion that my periods had stopped due to my thyroid medication (Synthroid). It seemed to coincide with the thyroid med change since my cycles had come back after chemo finished. He confirmed that he didn’t think it was chemo, but that he was stumped by it. He couldn’t change me back because the thyroid meds I was taking were no longer available (Levoxyl). Anyway, in June I did some research and found that Levoxyl was now available again. I called the pharmacy to make sure they were filling it. The pharmacist confirmed that they were, but that it was VERY expensive and that insurance was not paying for it due to a study that had been done that proved that the results were the same for patients on Levoxyl as were those on Synthroid. Synthroid is cheaper to make.  He said to make sure my doctor added that it was medically necessary to see if insurance might pay for some of it, but that it would still be expensive. That was unfortunate. When I saw my doctor a couple days later he went ahead and prescribed it and wrote that it was medically necessary.  I was worried about how much it was going to cost, but when it was filled at the pharmacy it was only $12. I couldn’t believe it. Very thankful.  🙂

I am taking my thyroid medication a lot better than I used to. I have hardly missed it. After starting the Levoxyl my period returned within 1 week. It was a huge blessing and again have hope that God will hear our prayers. I have had 3 cycles now – 21 day cycles instead of 28. 21 is a blessing too because that is about 4 more cycles per year – which means more opportunity to pray that God blesses us with a child. 🙂 Although, that is also 4 more times to be brokenhearted if God doesn’t answer with a yes, but still….I have hope again.

There are two things I am dealing with lately that are causing me some grief. First, for about 2 months now I’ve been having migraines that mess up my vision. It may be related to the thyroid medication – I’m not sure and all my blood work is coming back fine. 3 weeks ago I stopped eating sugar (to see if I lose some weight) and I think the migraines have improved. I only had one last week. So, maybe it is a diet thing….not sure.  I’ve been extremely tired since quitting sugar.  All I want to do is sleep.  lol!

Second, my tailbone. It is so much worse than it used to be. I can hardly sit without pain. It is all day every day. If I stand it doesn’t hurt, but any sitting causes pain. I am trying the chiropractor again, but it doesn’t seem to be helping at all. Last time I went to the orthopedist he told me there was nothing they could do, but remove my tailbone. That doesn’t sound fun at all. Since I didn’t have pain until after I completed chemo I worry that it is cancer. The pain is that bad and is progressing. Kevan reminds me that my pet scan in December came back fine, but I still worry. I can’t imagine dealing with this the rest of my life.  It is so hard to sit and work all day.  The doctor gave me prescription pain medication, but it doesn’t do anything for the pain – just makes me even more tired.  Even Aleve doesn’t help it anymore.  I will just continue to pray that God removes the pain.

Well, I don’t want to end on a sad note so I will say that I am very blessed that God has allowed me to no longer be in menopause. I feel a lot better and no longer have hot flashes! Say a prayer that God gives us a child. Please!

Feeling a Little Optimistic Tonight

18 Mar

I went to my routine 3-month check-up with the oncologist today.  I love my doctor.  I’m so glad God blessed me with him.  He always walks in, looks at Kevan & me and says, “It is my favorite couple!”  I’m sure he says that to everyone, but it still makes us feel good.  If Kevan isn’t with me for some reason he always jokes that he lost his “husband-of-the-year status”.  My mother-in-law also goes to him for her post-cancer check-ups and she says he talks more about us than he does about her.  Haha!  Anyway, my blood work came back well.  Tumor markers are good and no indication that cancer has returned.  Praising the Lord for another appointment with great news.

We discussed menopause and he ordered some blood work to see how my levels are now.  I may not know for a few days.  We also talked about my thyroid a little and if the menopause could be caused by my thyroid levels (although they are perfect right now and are normally low) or my thyroid medication (it was changed a couple months ago).  He referred us to a fertility specialist (who happens to be the ex-wife of the doctor that did my mastectomy).  He’s referred several of his cancer survivor patients and they’ve had successful pregnancies.  He even said that they were 1 or 2 babies and not 5 or 6.  lol!  We are going to see if we can “retrieve” some of my own eggs (if there are any left in there) and see what our options are.  Kevan still has a lot of hope and thinks God is going to do a miracle and the crazy menopause lady (me) is going to have a baby.  I keep telling him to keep his hope to himself so that I don’t get disappointed again.  I know it sounds negative, but it will be too hard if I hope too much.  I am a little optimistic….but am trying to shove it far far down.

Thanks all for now…..good night!

Oncology Appointment – Good News/Bad News

30 Apr

Kevan and I went to my Oncology check-up appointment today.  I tried to talk my doctor into letting me get hair extensions through my insurance so I wouldn’t have to pay for them.  I mean, really….it is causing emotional distress having this short curly hair.  lol!  He wouldn’t go for it.  But, he joked and said that he had a hair extension side business.  Ha!  Being an oncologist….he would make a bundle!  🙂

The GREAT news is that all things cancer related came back great.  I talked to him a little about how I am eating better than I was before cancer and about the same amount and still not losing weight.  Kevan and I are taking 1.5-3 mile walks several times a week as well.  I just cannot get this weight off.  He told me that once my metabolism ramps back up (now that I’m no longer in menopause) that I should start losing the weight I’ve gained.  So, we left with all great news.  Then….

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Oncologist: First 3-Month Check-up

23 Jan

Yesterday I had my first 3-month checkup with the oncologist.  In the past few months they have redesigned the whole office so it looked very different while we were there.  It felt like we were somewhere else.  Anyway, they took blood, weighed me and then led us to an exam room.  I only waited about 4 minutes before my doctor walked in.  He commented on my hair growth and I commented on how it isn’t growing fast enough.  lol!  Then, we brought up some issues.  First, I mentioned that I still have no period and how I am still having hot flashes, which still wake me up throughout the night.  Then, I asked him about some pain I’ve been having in my tailbone since my last chemo.  It hurts worse when I have to sit a lot (in the car, church, etc).  He seemed a little concerned about the tailbone pain so he ordered an x-ray.

Kevan and I went over to the imaging center right away and had the x-ray done.  I had to change into some hospital pants and then they led me to the x-ray room.  She took 2 pictures of me laying on my back and then 2 while I was on my side.  She said the doctor would have the results later that day.
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