Malachi – Thursday update

26 Apr

We’ve made huge progress today. Thank you to all those praying for our boy! Here are some posts I made on FB today:

Thursday 7:30pm: Look at this smile! We are watching Big Hero 6 and he keeps laughing and laughing. He used to watch this movie when he was in China at the orphanage. He’s told us before. I am so glad he can laugh through all this awfulness. I’m so glad he’s my son. 🥰 We could’ve missed being his parents if we let fear guide us instead of relying on God.

Thursday 6:30pm: Look at this sweet boy winning at candy crush!!! He amazes me! He is such a warrior. The nurses are so impressed with how sweet he is. That he’s not angry, not fighting the tube but just trying to make the best of such an awful thing.

2:30: Guess who finally fell asleep and IS STILL BREATHING!!! We are so relieved! He’s been breathing on his own (cpap) for hours and we’ve been waiting for him to fall asleep. I am soooo excited!!!

Thursday 11am: Malachi was doing really good. We played and he’s been laughing. Bad news is they will not be removing the ventilator today. Since when he would fall asleep he would stop breathing there is a concern that his poor body is so swollen inside from being re-intubated so many times (it was hard for them to do it last time) that they don’t want to remove it until they are absolutely sure it won’t happen again. They are doing some trials with it just on cpap mode to see when he falls asleep whether he still breathes. They had to put a feeding tube in. They want him to have nutrition. He, understandably, did not like it. X-ray revealed it was in the wrong place so they just had to remove it and redo it again. I sure hope it’s in the right place. He’s been through so much. They are still treating him for PRES syndrome and they believe the seizure med is working since he hasn’t had another seizure since they upped the dose. He was seeming depressed so they brought him a transformer toy and he’s doing better now. If he does well today I’m considering going home tonight. Our fundraiser for Hannah Lu’s adoption starts tomorrow and I just hate asking others to help with it when I really wanted to work hard to get everything done for it. 😢 Hopefully, the video doesn’t disturb you. We were actually very happy he was playing. He even rolled it into a ball and threw it at me. 😃

One Response to “Malachi – Thursday update”

  1. Cira Abreu April 26, 2019 at 5:45 am #

    No words. I can see the miracle of God here.
    Praying 🙏 that soon Malachi will run and play around.
    God bless your beautiful family and this precious little boy. Amén

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