Our Daughter – Meet Hannah Lu

25 Apr

We’ve had a few blog followers ask about our upcoming adoption so I thought it would be a good time to sit here and type out the story of how we came to start the process of adopting her.

Last fall, Kevan and I started questioning whether we should adopt again. Does God have another child for us? We started to ask God what he wanted for our family. We were feeling led to adopt another child with CHD (congenital heart disease). A girl. We wanted it to be a girl that would be the oldest (we are going backwards lol). I reached out to our adoption agency and asked them for the waiting list. I asked them if they had any girls older than 8 with CHD. Our contact responded right away and told me they JUST RECEIVED a girl (THAT DAY) that met that criteria. I kind of freaked out. What are we thinking? But, I received her file and then sent it to Kevan. She was beautiful. She seemed so sweet in all of her videos. She had a minor (compared to Malachi) issue with her heart, but her heart was “fixed” in May 2018. She is 13. In China, children age out of the orphanages at 14. Then, they can no longer be adopted. We’ve had to hurry the process to make sure we get her by her 14th birthday.

As we were praying about what to do, Kevan was very open to adopting her. I was the one that was scared and unsure. I felt overwhelmed already, working part-time, homeschooling Malachi, raising Josiah too and all of the household duties. I would be adding another child to homeschool. We started adding onto Kevan’s dad’s house so we could move there so the boys could grow up on the farm. So our savings went into the house renovations. It took me some time to come around. I never wanted to go to China again. Mostly, because of the flight. Ha! My back hurt so bad sitting in the coach seats on the plane (the ones that do not make a bed) that I just never wanted to do the flight again. Plus, I hardly slept and going that long (26 hours) without sleep in such a stressful situation was SO HARD. I told myself that unless we had upgraded tickets I would never do it again. Ha! [just FYI…..We do not have upgraded tickets. 😔] Given these were my only major reservations I continued to pray for God’s guidance.

Malachi’s October surgery was coming up. We decided to make the decision before his surgery so that we didn’t make the decision out of sadness if something happened to Malachi during his surgery. We had one more weekend before we decided to make our decision. I decided to do some research. I found a Facebook group of her orphanage and asked a question about adopting older children from that orphanage. Then, long story short, I found her best friend, Lilly. Lilly was adopted in May 2018. Lilly didn’t get to say goodbye to our daughter before she left and she’s been praying every night that her best friend would find a forever family too. I was thinking…..God…..why are you doing this to my heart? I cried. How do I say no to a girl that has been praying for her best friend to also have a forever family. How do I say no even not knowing this, but this made the decision so much easier. I couldn’t get past it. I had no reason to say no. I wanted another child. I wanted a girl. I wanted a child with CHD. God had me miraculously find this girl’s best friend. It was his confirmation for us. We said YES. We decided to name her “Hannah Lu”. Hannah in the Bible has meant so much to me through all the years of infertility and begging God for a child. She had so much faith. I want our Hannah Lu to have that kind of faith. That even though she was abandoned God knew her before she was ever born, He heard our prayers for a child and He knew she would be our precious daughter.

Our pediatric cardiologist read her file and thinks that she won’t need any more surgeries. She should live a healthy life. Malachi and Josiah already know about her. We’ve been talking to them about her for a months. Josiah carries her picture around the house and says “my mister” (my sister) and then kisses her and says, “she’s so cute”. Melts my heart. Malachi doesn’t want us to go to China to get her because he will miss us, but if we bring him back snacks he’s okay. Haha! He is pretty excited too and loves to be in her room and lay on her bed.

I’m concerned going to China after all Malachi has been through this week and what he may still be going through if they don’t find out the cause of his seizures. We will hopefully be going to China at the end of June or early July. The time will come fast.

If you are still with me reading this we’ve set up a Go Fund Me to help with the remaining travel and in country (China) expenses. We are also having a fundraiser yard sale at our church this weekend. If you want to help bring Hannah Lu home the link is below. If you give, we will put your name on a puzzle that she will have on the wall in her room visually showing her all those people that love her and have helped bring her home.


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