Malachi MRI Update

24 Apr

The MRI was abnormal. There is abnormal activity (areas of injury) all throughout the brain. It is atypical for PRES. It doesn’t look like a stroke. No bleeding. No signs of pressure. They’ve consulted infectious disease. I asked them to check him for a UTI yesterday and it came back today as an antibiotic resistant E. coli. They are wondering if it got into the brain. The culture they took before surgery was clear. He did not have it when we got here last Thursday. Some of the places in the brain that control the breathing and the balance are lighting up, as well as other areas. They think that is why he stops breathing when he goes to sleep. They are going to do a spinal tap tonight. We have no answers currently. They still have no idea. My sweet and funny Josiah will be here to play with me in a few minutes so I’m going to go love on my little baby for awhile. I’ve missed him so much. Oh, also, his heart and lungs are great!!

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