Surgery Plans

29 Jul

I wanted to give an update to my last post. Malachi’s surgery will be on October 8th. I have been so stressed about the planning for our time in Boston for Malachi’s surgery. The thought of how much it will cost us has caused me the most stress. I started to pray for wisdom. I don’t know why I always worry first and then pray second. What is wrong with me? Are you ready for some amazing news? Seriously, I cried.

I was reading a Facebook post in one of our heart groups and one of the members mentioned that their insurance paid for their lodging when they stayed in Boston. Wha??? So, I have spent the last week talking with our insurance and getting signed up with my employer’s congenital heart disease program. With this program Boston is a Center of Excellence to them and they have benefits that we can utilize. Are you ready? The program pays for up to $10,000 for lodging! $100 per day. This is a lifetime reimbursement so we are going to be conservative in case we need lodging in the future (hopefully, we don’t!). I’ve been researching airbnb and praying God tells us which one is the one for our family during this time. I was totally stressing over it and He is just like, “Are you going to ask me for wisdom or are you going to continue to try to figure this all by yourself?” The other great news is that they will pay for our mileage to drive there. We’ve decided to drive since we will need toys for Josiah and it will be nice to just have a road trip together as a family. Airports and kids are no fun. I’ve done it.

We will need to be in Boston on October 3rd. They will be doing an MRI one day (I believe Malachi will be asleep for it) and on the 4th (our 15th wedding anniversary) he will have a day of pre-op tests. Then, we will have a fun weekend as a family before Malachi’s BIG open heart surgery on October 8th. I will post soon and give an update of what this surgery entails.

We had a cardiology appointment for him a couple of weeks ago. The doctor told us that Malachi really is a miracle. There is no reason he should be alive today. She said we owed a lot to his orphanage for coddling him so much. I am so thankful to them. She told us that he probably would not have lived much longer in the orphanage if we had not adopted him when we did. I am so thankful of God’s timing. The other day I was teaching Malachi the letter “M”. We were looking at things that started with “M”….”Malachi”, “Mama”, “Mouse”, “Mailbox”….and He asked if we could walk out to the mailbox. As we walked down our long driveway he skipped along singing, “Jesus loves me.” He didn’t know all of the words perfectly, but it sure was a sweet moment to me as his mama. Jesus sure does love you boy. In March he would not have skipped down the driveway. I would’ve had to carry him. He has a purpose for your life Malachi and has kept you alive so we could be your parents, Josiah could be your brother and for you to have an amazing testimony.

We went for a family walk last night and ran into a neighbor. She told us that she met someone recently and they had told her about us and our special little boy and his heart. God is even using Malachi’s testimony to reach those that we do not even know. I’m thankful that his story brought her joy and that she wanted to meet and talk to us. It was great to get to know her.

The boys are doing great together. They are playing so well together now and they even stop to give each other hugs. Malachi even goes to get Josiah’s milk for him or to give him part of his snacks. I am so grateful that God put it on our hearts to adopt the little boy from China that we saw posted on Facebook that needed a family. Now he is our family and he is a perfect fit. I can’t imagine our life without him. Having two boys is exhausting but it brings us so much joy. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers for a child and blessing us with two sons! To God be the Glory.

3 Responses to “Surgery Plans”

  1. Marilyn J Welcome July 29, 2018 at 8:00 pm #

    I’ve prayed that some Christian family would give you a place in their home while in Boston. What you are saying your insurance will cover, will be even better than that. God takes care of His own! His ways of taking care of our needs far exceed what we could ever believe could happen. We are so blessed that know such a loving God.

  2. Michelle Way July 29, 2018 at 8:04 pm #

    This post made my day! It brings such joy to my heart to watch God answer so many specific prayers regarding Malachi’s upcoming surgery and your stay in Boston! Malachi truly is a miracle. 🙂

  3. Helen Owens July 29, 2018 at 10:24 pm #

    I’m so glad the insurance is going to help with the housing and driving expenses. I had just said to Bud Malachai is a miracle because I have seen newborns with TGV and even with surgery they didn’t make it. Your sons are special and I know God will use them both in their great testimonies of His power and love.

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