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Open Heart Surgery #2

7 Jun

Kevan took Malachi to his follow-up appointment yesterday. Great news is that he is doing great. Scar looks great, oxygen SATs looked great, etc. He is healing really well. I am so thankful to God that the surgery went so well. When I look back to just 3 months ago and all that God has done for him I am amazed. This little boy couldn’t even play with a beach ball in our hotel room in China without his SATs dropping to 35% and he would start coughing and have to sit down until his SATs came back up. It scared me half to death. We had to carry him most of the time in China because he could only walk VERY SHORT distances. He was constantly asking us to carry him because it was so hard on his little heart. Now, he is RUNNING, he never stops to cough and sit. He never asks us to carry him. He walked the entire visit to the aquarium the other day. It is just so amazing. Last night he was playing with a beach ball that he received at VBS and I didn’t have to worry at all that his SATs would drop. Sweet boy even slept with the ball last night. Ha!

The other news, I don’t want to say it is bad news….just sudden. We thought we had at least 6-12 months before his next surgery, but his doctor wants him to have it before flu season begins. This means August/September timeframe. Please be in prayer for us. There is so much involved. We will be going to Boston Children’s Hospital for the surgery. The surgery he will be having is a Complex Biventricular Repair. We will be there for at least a MONTH. I am so stressed over this. We will bring Josiah with us and I guess we will have to tag team between the hospital and Josiah care. We may be asking our parents to help again. We will need an apartment or house. Ronald McDonald house and most of the other places like that will not let us bring Josiah. A hotel room for a whole month gives no area for Josiah to play. The cost of renting an apartment for a month is VERY high. So high I called Just to make sure it wasn’t an error. Close to $10,000! Please pray for wisdom for us as we decide what is best for our family during this time.

Also, the surgery is contingent on the following:

  • Weight Gain – he must gain weight
  • Feeding Tube removal
  • Oxygen SATs
  • Boston’s surgery schedule
  • A place to stay