Funny Stories to Remember

23 May

We had a good day today. Tube feeds went well. No vomiting. He ate pretty good, but not as good as yesterday. Malachi saw his pediatrician today for a routine visit. A friend came up and helped with Josiah. It was so great as I have a pretty bad cold and I did not have much energy to try to listen to the doctor and take care of both boys. Everything went well at the doctor. Incisions look great. Heart/lungs sound good. She could detect a murmur but it is his stent. We knew this from his hospital stay. He was very brave at the appointment. I’m so proud of him.

We had a lot of funny things happen today. Just what life is like as parents. Kevan was taking apart a webcam that he has on his 3D printer (he likes to watch it from a different room. Lol). It had all kinds of parts to it. Anyway, he was working on it at the kitchen table while eating his dinner. The boys had finished eating and wanted down. Then, they climbed onto my lap to eat mine. I was not feeling well at all so I told Kevan I was going to go take a bath and put a hot towel on my face. Apparently, the boys hopped up on Kevs lap to help with the webcam. Lol. I couldn’t hear anything while the water was running, but as soon as it stopped I could hear Josiah crying. Loudly. Kevan said he had been crying since I went into the tub. We figured he wanted me so I got out of the tub. On my way back into the kitchen I must have stepped on a little piece of glass. It was stuck in my foot and very painful (we broke something in our room way back at Christmas and it appears that it was still on our floor despite the many times we’ve vacuumed). Anyway, I was screaming to Kev to get the glass out of my foot, Josiah was still crying (we never over and over figured out why) and Malachi was whining for an orange. It was CRAZY. I was laughing on the inside at the chaos at that time wondering how people have more than 2. Lol. What do you do with a 2 year old that is bawling his eyes out at the same time you have glass in your foot? It was pretty funny. Kevan was able to get the glass out….I screamed in pain which made Josiah cry even louder. Having kids is pretty crazy sometimes.

Tonight I was reading a Paw Patrol book to Josiah before bed. One page described Rocky, one of the characters. He has a toolbox on his back. Josiah got up, ran to the playroom, grabbed his toy toolbox and wanted to sleep with it. He is just like his daddy. He loves his drill and screwdriver. He uses it to pretend he is daddy and he’s putting batteries in toys. So cute. Another funny Josiah story…I threw away some stickers today. I just got tired of seeing them around the house. Josiah was throwing something away, saw them and dug down in the trash to get them out. He is so like his dad this way too. I will throw away something of Kevan’s that I know he does not need and he will somehow figure out it is in the trash. I don’t know how he does it. Trash radar I guess.

Another funny story. So, I was watering the plants on the front porch. Josiah was sleeping and Malachi was sitting on the bench on the porch watching. I found out later while looking through my pictures that he got a hold of my phone and was taking pictures. I have about 10 pics of his feet and several of me bending over in my short (home only shorts) watering the plants. It sure made me laugh. No one will be seeing those pictures. Kev enjoyed them. Haha!

Well, I’m going to go to bed. In honor of my grandma I put Vick’s on my nose, chest and feet. Hoping I feel better tomorrow. I have so much I need to do and I go back to work in one week.

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