Pretty Good Monday

22 May

The great news for today is that Malachi ate 50% of his food by mouth today! He was a very hungry boy and even ate his Mama’s lunch when she wasn’t looking. Ha!! It made me so happy. He ate so much that we only had to do 3 feedings via his tube. No vomiting today! Also, I let him help me push the syringe when I was giving him his meds thru the tube and he didn’t whine like usual. He loves being helpful. He did have a fever of 100.5 for about 1 hour. It was so strange. He even asked to lay down. Doc told us not to give him anything unless it was 101.5 or higher so I checked it awhile later and it was gone. He walked around a lot more today and played on the deck more. Also, the “glue” on his incision fell off today. It was just hanging there (I know…tmi) so I cut it off and he didn’t care much for that. It didn’t hurt. Just scared him. The scar looks good. He has a pediatrician checkup in the morning.

Josiah had a fever again today (100.5) and his voice is a little raspy. He actually asked to go “Night Night” for his nap today, an hour early. He woke up 3 times crying though but went back to sleep. Then, tonight he did the same thing. He was in a fairly good mood and he really has no other symptoms. I woke up with a sore throat. I’m guessing it is allergies.

I’m pretty tired but I think it was a pretty good day. I’m so happy Malachi had such a good appetite.

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