The tube….

21 May

The morning started out great. Both boys slept in until almost 7. It was wonderful. Neither had a fever all day. Yay! They played well. They were sharing well. Josiah would bring Malachi the toy he wanted and then say “thank you!” Instead of waiting for Malachi to say it. Adorable. Malachi played more today than the previous day. Walked around more and is no longer needing a diaper because he can make it to the bathroom walking on his own now. We are continuing to have to feed him through his feeding tube. BTW…his 4T pants no longer fit in the waist now that he’s lost so much weight. I hope he gains it back. It is pitiful.

A very sweet friend stopped by to help me today. She is a nurse and I wanted a little more confidence that we are doing it right. For some reason he throws up after his 10-11am feeding every day. We cannot figure out what is causing this. He threw up after his afternoon feeding yesterday too. Around the times of each of those he eats solid food by mouth. We are trying to figure out if that is what is causing it. Tonight he was in the mood to eat solids. He ate 1/2 a bag of popcorn, spicy peanuts that papa was sharing with him, watermelon, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, tuna and few little peach slices. When he was eating the watermelon he coughed so I had to take it away. He cried real tears so I cut it up into the TINIEST pieces and told him he had to eat 1 at a time. He did. He didn’t cough after that. He kept asking for more so we had to cut him off. We didn’t want him to get a stomach ache.

After baths tonight Malachi cried for milk. He saw me getting the “thickener” ready. He cried “Nooooo”. I told him why he can’t have it without it in it. He cried. I got a spoon out and fed him 1/2 a tsp. He didn’t cough. I proceeded to give him 20 1/2 teaspoons. No cough. Kev took over and I think he drank about 4 ounces just with the teaspoon. He was happy. Poor thing. He wants to drink so bad, but we just cannot chance him getting pneumonia from the liquid aspirating into his lungs.

Josiah felt great today. He played well, no whiny’ness and so so sweet. The only thing was that he wanted me to hold him a lot. He would say “down” and he meant “up”. Haha! I held my sweet baby because one day he won’t want mama to hold him.

Overall, we had a great day.

One Response to “The tube….”

  1. Cira Abreu May 21, 2018 at 2:23 am #

    Malachi looks good. Your babies are very cute 😊💕

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