We Are Home!

19 May

We are home! It was a long trip home. I dropped Kevan and Malachi off at home before heading to the doctor with Josiah. His fever was 104 again at noon. I was worried. Malachi now has a 99.5 degree temp. I’m starting to wonder if our thermometer runs high. He did not have a fever the entire time we were at the hospital. Kev and I checked our temps though and it was 97 something….so I’m guessing it must be accurate.

Malachi tried to walk around the house some but it was too hard for him. He asked to swing but after about 3 minutes decided it was too much. I gave him a bath tonight (making sure not to soak his incisions) and it was hard on him. He could barely hold himself up. He has lost so much weight too. It is heart breaking. He is in good spirits though. He pretty much laid on the couch and watched TV. It makes me sad for him but I know he needs the rest. He did eat 2 chicken tenders and fries tonight but he refuses thickened liquids. He is sleeping next to me tonight. We have to do nightly feedings through his tube so we thought it was easier that way. Plus his voice is hoarse so if he calls me I might not hear him in the monitor. They think Malachi might have c diff. 😭☹️ We are waiting for the results. He is back in diapers for now. I’m not sure he could make it to the potty at this point. He’s too weak.

Josiah was scratched in the face by the cat tonight. Huge tears. Forever. Finally calmed him down but he had several more meltdowns. Poor thing.

I have no pics of being home. We are exhausted. I never thought about taking one. I am so excited to lay in my bed. Night night.

One Response to “We Are Home!”

  1. Cheryl Whiteaker May 19, 2018 at 2:05 am #

    Praying you all rest well tonight and praying he does not have c diff. God I pray you pour blessings on this family.

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