Malachi: OHS1 Day2

11 May

Last night they told me that Malachi may be extubated (removal of the ventilator) during the middle of the night. I told her to wake me up by calling me on my cell (I was in a sleep room not in his room). She called at about 11pm and told me he had been extubated and he fell right back to sleep. I told her to call me as soon as he woke up so he knew I was there and wasn’t scared. I woke up around 5. Never received a call so I assumed he was still asleep. I decided to take a shower since once I was with him I wouldn’t want to leave him. I got in his room around 6. He was wide awake watching TV and started to cry big tears as soon as he saw me. I was pretty upset when she told me he had been awake since 4! I loved her as his nurse but I was so disappointed that I wasn’t with him when he woke up. I was able to calm him and love on him. She told me how they had him in his restraints but had never fought with them and was very calm. That’s my sweet boy. I am so blessed to have 2 sweet boys.

They had to give him more blood (his 5th transfusion). He had a pretty bad cough and the X-ray showed a lot of fluid on his left lung. Due to that his oxygen SATs were dropping to the 60’s and his heart rate was in the 140’s. They had to switch to high flow oxygen machine. This meant he can’t get out of the PCCU (critical care unit). 😢 He is still on morphine for pain but he didn’t take a nap until about 6 tonight. I was so surprised. I’d be out! His first words to me were “PJ Masks”. His favorite show. Lol. I got him setup watching it. Next words were drink. When he’s on the higher oxygen he can’t drink due to aspiration. He can’t eat yet either. He wants to eat so bad. He kept crying little tears when we had to tell him no. I tried to google translate and explain but I’m not sure he did. They did let him brush his teeth and that made him very happy!

en I left his levels were good and they dropped the high flow oxygen to 85%. I left to go help with Josiah. Boy have I missed my baby boy too. We had such a great afternoon together. We got to have one on one time together and twice today he just held my face to his or held my hand to his face and just loved on me. I'm so blessed with my boys.

v is there with Malachi. They had to up his oxygen to 90% but other than that he's doing well. They couldn't get a translator in person or on video so we are pretty disappointed. Please continue to pray. I'd love to see him well enough to move to a normal room tomorrow. Thank you to all who have prayed and loved on him!!

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