Malachi: OHS1 Day 1

10 May

Yesterday was a very stressful day. Surgery was about 6.5 hours. Everything went according to plan. They were able to do the unifocilization, put in the shunt/stent and Malachi was doing great. He went to recovery for a bit and then up to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) for about 2 hours before we could see him. When you come off the elevators you are required to hit a button to get in. They can see you on camera and then they buzz you in if you are a parent. Anyway, we pushed the button and then were told that a doctor would be coming out to talk to us. I immediately thought we were about to get bad news and Kevan told me that everything was probably fine. The nurse for our doctor came out and told us that he was bleeding heavily and that we could not go in yet. He was fine in the OR while they were watching him, but once he got up to the PICU he started to bleed. It was very alarming. I cried. We prayed. We went to the waiting room and waited. They were going to give him some blood products and then get back to us in about 30 minutes. There was a chance they would have to take him back into surgery. We asked friends and family to pray. God was so gracious. About 45 minutes later they told us we could come back and see him. It was the first time since we sent him into surgery. It was very emotional to see him with all the tubes, IV drugs, etc. I know it is necessary, but it doesn’t make it less hard. My sweet boy. He was still bleeding. There was still concern. Everything is kind of a blur now. I can’t remember if his bleeding got better by the time we laid down to sleep or if it was in the morning. I’m guessing it was last night because I don’t think I would’ve went to sleep if we were still worried.

Our experience here at Vanderbilt has been amazing. They let us sleep in a “sleep room” last night. The first night they won’t let us sleep in his room. It was hard to leave him, but it was probably good for us. I woke up at around 3:30 and had a hard time sleeping after that worrying about him. Finally went to his room at about 5:45. Today has been a really long day. He was doing really well this morning with this bleeding. His blood pressure was pretty low. They would give him some fluids and it would come backup each time and then drop again. He had an issue with his oxygen overnight and had to have more blood products a couple of times today. I think he has had 4 blood transfusions since surgery. Everything is going really well right now. Oxygen is 84! Which is great for him. Blood Pressure, heart rate, etc are all good. They just divided his chest drains so they can tell which lung is draining the most. He had an Echo today to get a baseline and look at his new shunt. It all looked good.

Our sleep room:

I’m pretty exhausted. Hoping I get some good sleep tonight since Malachi will be extubated tomorrow and will need me. Looking forward to him losing the ventilator tomorrow and seeing him awake breathing on his own. Kevan left at about 3 today to go stay with our sweet Josiah. Miss my baby too.

One Response to “Malachi: OHS1 Day 1”

  1. Sherry Potts May 10, 2018 at 1:27 am #

    Have been praying for you and your babies!! Will continue to hold all of you and doctors up in prayer!

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