Malachi – Open Heart Surgery #1

8 May

May 8th, 2018. The day my oldest son is having his first open heart surgery. I hate typing the word “first”. It is scary. But, today is also the 6th anniversary of my double mastectomy. God’s timing is perfect. I know it is not just a coincidence that 6 years ago I was going through a scary, life changing surgery and today my son is also going through one. It is a huge reminder of God’s faithfulness. I reread a post my husband, Kevan, wrote while sitting in the hospital room the night of my surgery. This post is exactly what my heart needed to read today and is exactly how I feel. Our God is amazing. We definitely would not have chosen for Malachi to go through this, but God made Malachi’s heart the way he did for a reason.

Our doctor was talking about Malachi’s amazing life this morning and that he has lived long enough to be here for this surgery today. The doctor said, “He is already a miracle and I’m just tuning it up.” He also agreed that God has been with Malachi and I just loved that our doctor acknowledged God’s hand in Malachi’s life as well.

I want to encourage you to read my husband’s post from 6 years ago. The same words apply today.

Our little super hero…heart warrior….God be with him. I know you will be. Thank you for your faithfulness and love.

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