Surgeon Appointment

14 Apr

We went to Vanderbilt Children’s today to meet the surgeon that will be doing Malachi’s heart surgery on May 8th. We wanted to meet him in advance, get to know him a little, talk through the procedure, etc. Kevan’s cousin gave us (via Nana) a few dress up items for the boys. Among them were his favorite characters/superheroes! Catboy, Owlette and Gecko from PJ Mask. So, before we left I showed Malachi the catboy mask and cape. He didn’t take it off and wanted to wear it all day. I think it gave him a little extra courage today. He never seemed nervous at all and no vomiting! Yay!!

The meeting with the surgeon went well. Kev and I both liked him. He seemed very humble too. We found out that he thinks he can do this shunt surgery without using the bypass (heart/lung machine). This is amazing news. So, it is considered closed heart surgery, not open heart. He will still have his chest cut open which scares me and makes me feel so bad for him but because he won’t need the bypass (if all goes well during surgery) then he may get to come home from the hospital sooner. He may only need to be in the hospital 5-7 days. He wants Malachi to see a pediatric oral surgeon ASAP to make sure there is no active infection in his mouth or potential due to his bone disease.

Before we met with the surgeon we met with a bone specialist who is also an endocrinologist. She said she has never met a child with a bone disease like him where they have missing bones in their mouth. 😔 She believes it is congenital. She did some X-rays to determine whether he had rickets and he does not have it. He is very Vitamin D deficient but he doesn’t have rickets. Praise God we have some good news! She knows an oral surgeon and is referring him to see if he can help shed some light regarding his bone disease. His Vitamin D when tested didn’t even register so it is VERY low. Poor thing. He gets drops now at lunch each day (I sneak it into his juice).

After the appointments we took Malachi to Sonic for the first time and we got him an Oreo Blast. He loved it! He ate the whole thing.

After we got back to Nana’s house (she was caring for Josiah) we wanted to do something with the boys because the weather was so nice and we missed Josiah. We took them to a park. I didn’t get a single pic of them at the playground but I have a couple of them on top of the big mulch pile. Lol

Josiah’s favorite part was throwing mulch. He loves dirt. 😃 Now, I need to get off this blog and get some sleep. The boys now get each other up in the morning, around 5:30am (😭😭) and run to our room giggling to get us up. It is adorable but I really wish they would do it at 7 or 8am instead. 😴

Thank you to all those that are following this journey and praying for Malachi.

2 Responses to “Surgeon Appointment”

  1. Cheryl Whiteaker April 14, 2018 at 11:45 am #

    Great news. Sounds much better than what we thought earlier. I can just see God’s hand in this journey. It brings tears to my eyes but there happy tears. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Jayde thank you for sharing your little family with us. Praying blessings and healing you y’all everyday.

  2. Cira Abreu April 14, 2018 at 3:38 pm #

    Malachi is an Amazon child. Always smiling!
    So cute, playful and sweet and that smile can
    make anyone happy just to look at him.

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