12 Apr

I forgot to add this to my post yesterday. When we first met Malachi he wanted us to do everything for him….get him dressed, bathe him, help him go potty, carry him over steps, etc. I was surprised that the orphanage didn’t teach him to dress himself but they taught him how to properly brush his teeth (brush, spit, rinse). It was good for bonding that he let us do all these things for him. We are realizing the last few weeks that he already knows how to dress himself, bathe himself and go potty himself. 🙂 He is becoming more independent and is wanting to pick out his own clothes (he says NO! if I pick socks or a shirt he doesn’t like), dressing himself, wanting the door closed to go potty on his own and he knows how to properly bathe (I still help him). I’m giving him options for his clothes now and letting him choose. Today he chose Thomas the Train.

As for going up steps (even just the 2 from our garage), I don’t think he could do this before or do this at all without help. After the cath we’ve been trying to help him do it himself. He didn’t want to at first. I think he was scared and didn’t (doesn’t have the muscle tone to feel secure). We started with having him try one step. He is doing so much better now. He goes in and out of the garage by himself now. We have a small slide in the house and he didn’t like climbing it himself. He loves it now and I’m so proud of him. At the playground he is doing so much better getting up to the slide. After about 3 times alone though he will need help. He gets tired. I am so proud of him though. I can see that he loves to be able to do things on his own once he tries and realizes he can do it.

We are having a beautiful day today so we took the boys on a trail (Malachi would walk, jog some (lol) and then get in the stroller when he was tiring, playground and had a picnic. Great day.

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