5 Weeks: Learning English

12 Apr

Malachi has been with us for about 5 Weeks. This includes our time in China and the time we’ve been home. He currently speaks about 65 words. He understands way more English than he can speak. I’ve listed the 65 words at the end of this post just to give you an idea. I’m amazed. I think he is doing so well. As many of you know, we decided to homeschool him for now and for at least a year. It is what is best for our family to bond and for us to have the flexibility to take him to the doctor, fun outings as a family, etc. Many that have adopted told me to wait a year to start schooling, but this kid absolutely loves to learn. He gets so excited when we sit down to learn colors, letters, numbers, etc or just to read. So….we’ve been doing different projects each day to try to help him learn. It isn’t traditional schooling but he is learning and it is so fun. Today, I was going through the alphabet with him and he wanted to write out the letters. We only did a few, but he did I, X and Y perfectly. For a child that only knew Chinese 5 weeks ago…I was amazed. They are probably the easiest letters to learn, but I was so proud.

I have learned that he does NOT like to get something wrong or to mess up. He will give up and not want to continue so I have to push him a little to see if he will continue. If not, I’m not pushing it just yet. One of those times was today. We were trying his “scissor cutting skills” and I was showing him how to do it. He said “I know, I know!”. Lol! I didn’t realize he even knew that phrase. So, I let him try. It did great on straight lines, but he wanted to try another one with curved lines. Once he messed up he didn’t want anything to do with it and he got quiet. I could tell it upset him. One step at a time little Malachi. You will get there. Funny thing, if he doesn’t know a word he will say “cat boy”. Cat boy is his favorite PJ Masks character. I don’t know why he chooses that word, but he loves it. He sang his first Chinese song today. Just a little bit of it, but I loved that he did it. He starting to talk more. In English and in Chinese.

This boy is such a ham. He is starting to make these grumpy faces. Then, I do it back to him with my face and then he cracks up. We had a lot of laughing today together. Unfortunately, Josiah is still moody and I am hoping it is just his molars coming in. He will be playing really well with Malachi and then all of a sudden bite him. Today he smacked Malachi really hard with a wooden spoon….I don’t even know where he got the spoon from. It hurt. Malachi cried real tears and I had to make Josiah apologize. It breaks my heart because Malachi just wants to play and Josiah keeps hurting him. I don’t know if this is a normal 2 year old being jealous or what is going on. It makes my heart sad.

I bought Malachi an “add on” purchase on Amazon. $3 lego kit. I wanted to see if he knew what legos were and if he could do them on his own. During Josiah’s nap time, first I showed him the instructions and let him try. He had a very hard time, so I helped him finish the first item. Then, the 2nd item in the kit I let him try a few times and then if he couldn’t get it I helped. By the last one he was doing it on his own with just a little help here and there. He loved it. I’ll have to try to find some used ones or some more add on ones. I’d like to have some for when he is recuperating after his open heart surgery in May.

We took the boys to the library today and it ended up being story time and they had fun art time after too. Both boys were shy with the other kids so I’m going to start going regularly so they can start warming up to other kids.

We will meet his heart surgeon on Friday along with the bone specialist to see what the cause of his missing bones is. Praying all goes well and for wisdom.




Bye bye






Sheepa (sheep)



Killy cat (kitty cat)


Teddy bear (any bear)





Daddy or Baba

Siah (Josiah)

Play it again (Alexa)



Where is he?

There we go



1-10 (he can count too)

Uh oh





All done

Brush teeth



Hotta (hot)

Pee pee

Poo poo

Wash hands


Night night







Thank you

EIEIO (old MacDonald)




I know

I sorry

One Response to “5 Weeks: Learning English”

  1. CIRA ABREU April 13, 2018 at 11:25 pm #

    Beautiful and smart Malachi

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