Unexpected Dental Appointment

6 Apr

I took the boys to the dentist today. Nanny Tiffany came too. The waiting room was great and the boys didn’t want to leave.

Josiah did really well considering it was his first appointment at the dentist and his teeth looked great. He’s doing a good job brushing. Also, the doctor confirmed that he’s getting his 2 year molars. Bottom ones are almost in. Top ones haven’t broke through yet. 😞 I didn’t get a good pic of them working on Josiah. But I think he did great and it explains his crabbiness lately.

Malachi needed a check up before his upcoming heart surgery to make sure he didn’t have any infections. He was doing real well at first.

But he cried a lot during the X-ray portion and then wasn’t happy at all after that. No more happy pics. Also, the doctor informed us that Malachi has some type of bone disease. She’s never seen so much missing bone in a child’s mouth. 😢 She showed me his back teeth and how much missing gums and bone he has. I am so sad for him. It looked like it hurts. She said she couldn’t confirm there is no infection so we are being referred back to Vanderbilt. 😭 He will need to be put under anesthesia while they investigate, clean his teeth and maybe do some procedures. Now he may not be able to have his surgery yet due to the chance of infection. Prayers appreciated for doctor to have wisdom on what is causing his bone loss and how to treat it. I’m praying that it is treatable and not serious.

Lastly, we bought the boys cots to stay at Nana’s house since we stay there when we go to Vandy and to have one in our room. Malachi has been waking us in the middle of the night and I don’t get any sleep if he’s in our bed. We’ve been putting him on an adult cot and he goes right back to sleep but it takes up too much room. The boys loved them. Hoping they work well. Malachi will outgrow his very soon unfortunately.

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