Surgery Has Been Scheduled

29 Mar

We had a conference call with Malachi’s cardiologist this morning and we’ve scheduled surgery! If all goes well he will have his first open heart surgery on May 8th. This is contingent on whether Boston agrees with the plan or if they feel we should go a different route. If so, we will pray, evaluate and choose which one we think is best for Malachi. But, we are praying for agreement. It sounds like a great plan, we love the doctors and we would really love to stay in Nashville for the surgery instead of going to Boston. If the Lord does not like this plan then we hope he makes it clear to us.

During the surgery they will be removing the stent from the right pulmonary artery since it is already well supplied and has already grown. Then, they will put a shunt on the left pulmonary artery and join the two arteries together (for now). This will (hopefully) guarantee that the right won’t steal all of the blood flow and the left will also receive it. If I understand correctly. Kevan understands all this way more than I do. While he is under anesthesia they will be doing 2 tests to help understand his heart better for his next surgery. Yes….next surgery. It will also be open heart. They will be doing an esophageal echocardiogram and a 3 dimensional CT of his heart (this will allow them to actually hold Malachi’s heart in their hand and make sure they totally understand it). They mostly want to see just how big his VSD (hole) is. After the surgery Malachi will be in ICU for several days on a ventilator. Once he is free from initial danger they will remove the ventilator and he will move to a normal room for 5-7 days. During this time they will be monitoring his heart/lungs and incision to make sure everything is going well. Then, he will be sent home to recover with pain meds (if needed), blood pressure meds and lasix to help with any extra fluid. No rough housing, no jumping off furniture and no lifting. Then, they will perform cardiac caths to make sure the left pulmonary artery is growing like should. The first one will be about 4 months later.

Once the left pulmonary artery is ready (praying it will grow and it will grow in God’s perfect timing!), he will hopefully be a candidate for a biventricular repair. Since he has 2 chambers and only one is currently being used it would be so wonderful if they could do this surgery for him and get them both working properly. We want a heart with two pumping ventricles!

Please be in prayer that:

  1. Boston agrees with the plan unless God has another plan for Malachi. If He does, that God would give Kevan and I wisdom.
  2. That they do not find any infection or anything at his dental appointment next Friday that would put off the surgery.
  3. That God would give us opportunity at his appointments, surgeries, etc to bring Him glory and be a witness for him.
  4. That Malachi will do amazingly well during surgery with no complications.
  5. That Kevan and I will come up with a plan for Josiah during this time. We will want to be with him as much as possible during this time too.
  6. That Malachi will stay healthy and not catch any sicknesses.

Thank you to all that care about Malachi and are praying for him!

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