Cath Procedure

23 Mar

Since I know everyone is waiting to hear the results first I will tell that first, followed by the post I wrote earlier while waiting. The first thing the doctor said to us was, “what do you think about pink for your boy instead of blue?” I immediately got teary eyed. We want pink!!

Look at those pink lips!! He’s never looked so good since we’ve had him. The doctor showed us lots of pics and videos. It was very helpful to understand when the videos went with the commentary. The best news is….they found a right and a left pulmonary artery! Praise God and thank you for your prayers. Now, Kevan is the smart one in the marriage so I don’t know if I will say this all correctly. He isn’t here with me so I can’t run it by him.

Anyway, the right pulmonary artery measured 5mm but when shot with contrast it got really small and we could barely see it in the video. The doctor put a (balloon?) stent in and we could see it open up the blood flow. It was awesome. His oxygen sats went from 65-70 baseline to 82! They said he will feel a lot better. I’m so excited to see pink lips on my beautiful boy. Now, some bad news to pray about. The left pulmonary artery was also visible (great news) but it is only 2mm. Too small. They will have to do an additional surgery (open heart) and add in a centralized stent that will expand the artery over time (several years). Please pray that it will work for him and that the surgery is successful for him. I can’t imagine how he will feel with sats in the 90’s! Lastly, they did a partial exchange transfusion due to his polycythemia (height red blood cells). His #’s went from 75 to 68 and they are hoping for 60. We are very excited for Malachi. He is still asleep and will be waking in the next hour and we will be moved to a room for the night. There is a chance his lungs may freak out a little due to the extra oxygen. He will also have extra fluid so they are giving him lasix. Pray that his lung doesn’t freak out but accept and love this extra oxygen. He has already opened his eyes and cried. He is frightened. Please say a prayer for him right now that God would comfort him and He will give him smiles tonight even through this scary-ness. That I will be able to comfort him and know his needs and desires without him having to verbally communicate.

What I wrote earlier:

Today Malachi had his first cath procedure. We left Josiah with his Nana so he wouldn’t have to sit in the waiting room all day. Nana was very gracious to give up her Friday to play with a toddler all day. One that was a bit emotional after he realized mommy and daddy left. 😕

We arrived at the hospital at 9. Malachi now recognizes the parking garage so he started to sniffle and breathe heavy when we were parking. He gets the saddest look on his face when he is worried about what is about to happen. I can’t wait until we can fully communicate with him and I can explain and calm him a little. He played in the waiting room a bit and his spirits were better until they called us to get his vitals. He started to whine some but he lifted his arm willingly to get the blood pressure cuff. Then, we waited until they took us back to a holding room. We nice they did the tears started coming down. It was so sad. I got him dressed into his gown and then Kevan held him while they brought in a translator machine. They talked him through what would be happening and showed him on a little doll. He loved the doll and doing the doctor work on the doll but he never acknowledged he understood the translator. 😞 We even asked him yes or no questions.

How does this sweet boy that has only known his mom and dad for 3 weeks trust us so much? He is so strong. He is a warrior with such a sweet heart.

They brought him some meds to take that would help him become drowsy but he spit most of it out. I guess it tastes pretty bad. He got enough though and he fell asleep a few minutes later. They took him back shortly after. It took a little over 3 hours.

I wanted to do something sweet for him for being such a strong boy today. Since I won’t have time to shop before we leave the hospital I bought him a PJ Masks (his favorite show) puzzle on Amazon and it will be delivered on Sunday. Wish I had thought of it before so he would’ve had something when he woke up. 😞

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  1. Cira Abreu March 28, 2018 at 1:35 am #

    Praying. It was a good day with good news. Trust
    the Lord!

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