Our Miracle Boy

15 Mar

After 2 flights and one layover of Malachi vomiting up all fluids and solids we decided we needed to take him straight to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital when we landed. We assumed that this was all a result of motion sickness. He’s been in an orphanage for 6 years. He hasn’t traveled in a vehicle much let alone an airplane. We tried one more time on the way from the airport to see if he could keep water down. He couldn’t so we brought him in. He was so weak.

We checked him in and they brought us to a room within 5 minutes. It was a very warm room since he does better with his oxygen sat when he’s warm. When talking to the staff initially we told them that he has transposition of the greater arteries (TGA), VSD, DORV and PS and that it is unrepaired (he’s never had surgery). They would ask, “he had an initial surgery though.” Nope, he’s 6. No surgeries ever. They told us it was a miracle he was still alive. Yes, we know. God has been with this boy. He has a plan for his life.

Then, about 10 people surrounded us. They were so curious to see this amazing kid. Malachi is so strong. He can’t speak the language. He doesn’t know where he is. We can’t tell him what is happening without using an interpreter over the phone. Yesterday was hard. He is the most compliant child. All the doctors have commented. You can see the internal struggle on his face when he is worried about what is going on. When he knows they are going to take blood he whines a little and tears start dripping from his eyes but he never really shows out or anything. It is pitiful to watch because I know he’s trying to be strong.

Getting another X-ray:

They took him for a CT scan yesterday. I went with him and wore a vest so I could be in there with him. Kev and I are all he knows right now and I want to make sure he knows at least one face as he’s looking around. He was frightened of the CT machine. He whined and has tears falling. But he was so strong. I held an iPad so he could watch a video in Mandarin (something familiar) during the CT. To hold his hand and tell him Mama is with him and he’s so brave and it won’t hurt is so crazy. This poor boy didn’t even understand what a mama was 14 days ago. I’ve only been his Mama for 13 days and I’m hoping that this bond we have after this short time will provide some comfort to him. I can’t imagine what he is thinking and how scary it is. He’s had multiple x-rays, a CT, IV, an echo and an EKG. He’s been on oxygen and is back off it now.

As far as his dehydration, he is so much better. He is his happy and smiling self again. They brought him some play dough and puzzles to play with.

What we’ve found out so far about his heart condition: he has TGA, VSD, DORV and Pulmonary Atresia not pulmonary Stenosis. Due to the PA we may not have the surgical option we were hoping for and we aren’t sure at this point if he has many options at all. 😢 We will know more after his catheterization next week. They will also be sending his records to a doctor at Stanford and to Boston Childrens. We’d like to ask for prayer that God will allow him to have surgery options and that he will be able to play and walk around normal without breathing and oxygen issues. That God will bless him and he will have a long life and not a shortened life due to his heart. I am having a hard time worrying about him and that he may not be able to run around one day or have s long life. As his mama, I want so much for him.

Well, that is all the update we have for now. I’m about to get a translator on the phone to let him know we will be going home soon. 😀

3 Responses to “Our Miracle Boy”

  1. Michelle Way March 15, 2018 at 4:46 pm #

    I need some Kleenex. I’m so moved by what a miracle Malachi is and what an amazing mother you are. Your love for your sweet boy is so obvious in everything you say and do. I’m thankful you now know exactly what he is facing so we can all be praying for him and his specific needs (as well as for you, Kevan and Josiah). You are an inspiration to me and I will always be thankful that I found your blog and we connected on Facebook. Following your journey with Josiah and Malachi has been a joy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • jayde0401 March 15, 2018 at 4:54 pm #

      Thank you! I am so glad you found my blog too and FB. You are very sweet and I’m so glad we’ve shared similar journeys and you’ve been able to encourage me along the way.

  2. Cheryl Whiteaker March 15, 2018 at 6:23 pm #

    Bless his heart. God I pray you heal this little boy. I pray Lord that you would give him a long happy life with his family that lives him so much. I know you sent this child to Kevin, Jayden and Josiah, Lord please let him have a normal life and be able to run and play with his little brother. I ask this in Jesus wonderful and beautiful name. Amen

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