End of Day 4

8 Mar

Thank you all for your prayers. The transition has gone so well so far.

We didn’t do much today since Malachi wasn’t feeling well. We stayed around the hotel. Took him to the medical clinic on the 5th floor and we were very impressed with the care we received. The receptionist thanked us over and over for adopting Malachi. It was so sweet. Malachi cried a bit when they took blood but he did great. The doctor knew English well and he also was sweet to Malachi and was asking him things in Chinese. He asked him if he gave him liquid medicine would he drink it so that he wouldn’t get a shot. He immediately agreed that he would. Malachi has a upper respiratory infection. They gave him some powdered meds that mix with water. He gagged a little but did good taking it. He climbed up in my lap and put his head on me. So sweet.

He’s holding a car he got in his McDonalds happy meal yesterday. The headlights light up. Kevan got us pizza for lunch but he is not a fan of pizza. He ate the stuff off the top but didn’t want the bread part. It’s too bad since Josiah loves pizza. Also, their Pizza Hut pizza is better here than in the US.

Some interesting things I’ve noticed in China:

  • Our hotel room door has a doorbell. They ring it when they come to clean the room. Malachi slept right through it while napping and it is pretty loud.
  • Women wear nylons here
  • A lot of people smoke here. Drives me crazy.
  • At the med clinic today they had him stand on a scale and it automatically calculated his height too. 101cm
  • It cost us about $120 for the doctor visit today. It included his blood draw and the hotel covered the medicine fee since we are guests.
  • Minivans here have curtains on the windows.
  • When you have a 6 year old that still has dirty diapers…febreeze is your best friend. 🤢
  • There are a lot of people in the US awake in the middle of the night that should be sleeping. Lol. So many FB comments in the middle of the night.
  • It is very hard to find chicken fried rice in China. Lots of noodles and hot pots.

We had a very hard time finding something to eat tonight. Most of the Chinese menus do not have many pics and even with translate apps it is hard to figure out what stuff is. We just ordered room service. 😔Tonight we were invited to a meet and greet with other adopted families. So, we will be leaving soon. Here are some pics of the day.

2 Responses to “End of Day 4”

  1. wonderingwidow March 8, 2018 at 2:07 pm #

    Hi! I saw your post in the IP group, clicked on your profile, and then came here. Not sure if that puts me into stalker territory, but I will be praying for y’all!!

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