Day 4

8 Mar

Malachi woke up at 4am crying this morning. It was just a sniffle cry not a loud cry. He was sitting up in bed so we turned the light on and loved on him, then brought him into our bed. I don’t know if he had a bad dream or was just scared since it was so dark. He laid right down between us and closed his eyes. I gave him kisses. He never fell back to sleep and he was a little freaked out to see his daddy with a crap mask on. Lol! So, we all got up at about 4:45am. At about 6 I realized he had a fever. It was 100.1. We are going to take him to the medical clinic in the hotel once they open at 9. Please pray that he is not seriously sick (no pneumonia) and that we can get his fever down so when they do his medical appointment on Saturday he does not have a fever.

He ate breakfast really good this morning. Noodles and congee (rice pudding) are his favorite. He also likes watermelon and bread items. He absolutely loves all things candy and junk food related. Lol

He is becoming a lot more hyper. Very talkative even though we have no idea what he is saying. We are trying to keep him calm so he doesn’t have a drop in oxygen but he sure likes to play hard and gets all out of breath. Also, several people have private messaged us wondering if Malachi might have TB. You can all rest assure that he does not have it. He was tested last week and we found out on Monday that he is negative for TB. Praise God! Due to his heart condition it was caused some lunch issues. So, we are guessing that is why he is having some lung symptoms too. We have let him play too hard. We are going to start being more calm with him and let him watch TV and play on the tablet more.

Thank you for all your prayers. We are being expedited home sooner and should land in the US on Wednesday morning. We may have to take him directly to Vanderbilt Children’s ER when we get home. We feel bad for him going straight to the hospital, but the Vandy doctors are in communication with us on what to do when we land in the US. We will know more once we see the doctor today.

This boy loves his noodles. This is breakfast today.

One Response to “Day 4”

  1. Alice March 8, 2018 at 3:52 am #

    We are praying so hard for him .You both will need lots of prayers .wish we could do something for you all. Talk to Tiffany to night at church she said doing ok .

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