After the Orphanage Visit

7 Mar

We were given the note and translation today from Malachi’s parents. It is very sweet. They confirmed his birth date and the time he was born. I am so happy for him that he will always know his real birth date. They also told us their nickname for him and that due to financial reasons they needed to let him go. They hope that he will be adopted. There was a little more but it was pretty short. We know they loved him but his heart condition was too much for them financially. Here is a baby pic of him.

We also found out that the doctor that first saw him after they found him was the one that named him. He was named after a Taiwanese actor. 😀

Malachi has really come out of his shell today. He has been talking a lot (we have no idea what he is saying since it is Chinese) and he’s been pretty loud (like his little brother lol). We have had to tell him no a few times today. He is starting to get into things or throw things. He tends to laugh every time and doesn’t seem to care that we’ve said no (just like his brother). We will have our hands full with these 2 boys.

I can’t wait to look back 6 months from now and see how far he’s come.

I’d like to ask for some additional prayer specifically for my health. I have a very sore throat, chest pain and sinus stuff. I’m not feeling well at all. Please ask our father to help me feel better tomorrow.

We went out to an Irish Pub tonight for dinner. I don’t think Malachi loves it but he did eat ok.

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