A Hard Day

7 Mar

Malachi coughed quite a bit last night and it sounded very liquidy a few times. When we got up and turned the lights on there were a few blood spots on his covers and pillow. He seemed to really struggle this morning with breathing. We haven’t let him walk much on his own today. We’ve stroller-ed him.

Before we went to the orphanage we asked our guide if it might be too emotional for Malachi. Kevan was going to stay back with him, if needed, and let me go. She said she didn’t think so because he is so happy with us and that it would be good for him to say goodbye. We had her ask him if he wanted to go and he said yes. We took s minivan and there were two seats in the back and 3 seats in the way back. We wanted Malachi to have a seatbelt so we moved to the way back so we would all have belts. The ride to the orphanage was about 45 minutes. About 5 minutes from the orphanage Malachi started throwing up. It was all over his clothes (I forgot to bring an extra outfit). Our guide had a small ziploc bag. I don’t know what we would’ve done without it. She thought he got car sick. 😕

When we made it to the orphanage Malachi started crying. This was the first time we’ve seen him cry. The guide said he was embarrassed that he threw up and he thought we might be mad at him or maybe not want him. She reassured him that everything was just fine and we were not mad at all.

alked around some of the grounds and then she had them take us to the building he lived in. It was all very clean and organized. They showed us the room he was in when he first arrived. It was pretty loud. Little babies all over the room playing. One of the nannies came running for him. She came out, loved on him and asked if she could take our picture. We took a picture with her as well. You could tell she loved him very much.

We saw his classroom and met his friends and his bedroom mates. They told him to say goodbye and he became very emotional. He cried very hard. It was so sad. They took me to see his bedroom while Kevan and him stayed back. They thought it may be too emotional for him since he had already cried. The bed that is sideways was his bed. There were 9 beds in the room.

e is where he ate his meals each day and pic of a meal they were having. Chicken, rice and cooked egg yolk on top.

an was given a new outfit to change him into. Then, we started to go back to where the minivan was waiting. We started to go into a building to give our donation and sign papers and he started to cry heavily. The guide told us that he thought we were giving him back. It was so sad. She reassured that we were not. When we got back to the hotel he cheered. We think he thinks we live here. Lol

Here are a few more pics of the orphanage. I'm not posting any of the nannies or kids but I will put them in his keepsake album.

One Response to “A Hard Day”

  1. Patty Boyd March 7, 2018 at 3:48 pm #

    Continued prayers for you all.

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