Our Special Day

5 Mar

I can’t sleep. It is 1:45am. We finally met our son. Our guide told us to expect the worst. There would be tears and he may not come to us. Fortunately, God heard our prayers and prepared Malachi for our meeting. He was all smiles and ready to go with us. Here is a picture of us. The woman on the right is from his orphanage. She is not his nanny. We are not sure why the nanny did not show up. I will ask tomorrow.

We gave him a lollipop shortly after our meeting and he was very happy. They brought him with a backpack of snacks and drinks. Lol. They said that food is how he is best comforted. He takes after his mama. 🙂 He had 2 more snacks before we left. We were there about an hour. Our guide told us to take the goldfish crackers from him or he would eat them all at once and get sick. I guess he doesn’t have a stopping point. Lol

On the way back to the hotel he watched out the window and he loved seeing all of the cars and motorcycles. He had a smile several times during the ride. He sat on my lap as we did not have any other remaining seats. There was also a family of 7 with us in our van. They adopted a 2 year old.

Malachi is able to walk around (short distances). I’m not sure how I feel about it though. The more he walks the more he does not breathe well. The guide seems to want him to walk but this mama can’t stand to see him in distress. I carry him a lot. He is about 36 pounds. The clubbing on his fingers and toes looks very painful. I don’t know if it is.

He gladly holds our hands and is very happy to go wherever we take him. He loves hitting the elevator buttons and he giggles almost every time. I can tell that he is curious of everything and he smiles as he looks around and giggles when he gets excited. We had to go over some paperwork so once back at the hotel we went to an area with a o much time to put them all back up again. Lol. If a ball rolled too far away he would point and be very demanding for me to go get it for him. Haha! After the paperwork we went back to the room.

He was very excited to see his crayons and coloring book. He grabbed it right away and went to town finishing a picture. We brought a small etch a sketch that he thought was really neat. He would draw and erase over and over.

v left to go get dinner. It was recommended that we eat in our room since it was an emotional day but the way he is so excited….I think he would've been fine if we went out.

They told us that they are used to noise (music, tv, etc) and silence sometimes makes them nervous. I turned the tv on to the kids channel for noise. He would look up at it but didn't watch it for long. He was much more interested in his toys. We brought fidget spinners that he doesn't seem to care about. We also brought a battery operated book of first words. It will say the word and then make a noise after each one. He loved it. More giggling.

He is a very compliant child. I'm not yet sure if this is a good thing though, we kept filling his rice bowl and he kept eating. We weren't sure if he was still eating because he was hungry or if he thought he had to eat it. We got green beans too. I would point for him to eat them. He would reluctantly. Lol

We had bath time after dinner. The guide warned us that he was used to showers not baths. She said the big tub might frighten him. Um…no. He was so excited he almost got in with his clothes on. He had so much fun with the bubbles and his bath cups. It was so sweet to watch. He even loved pouring water over his head.

Bedtime was hard. I could tell he was a little scared. He slept between Kevan and I since he is still in a crib type bed I was scared he might fall off the bed. I put covers over him but after about 10 minutes he was total sweat so I took him out of the covers and laid him on top with his own light blanket. When he lays down he starts to cough because I think he cannot breathe well when laying flat. He coughed off and on for an hour. Then, finally fell asleep. No more coughing. He is sound to sleep right now.

Well, I better get back to bed or today is going to be a very long day for me. Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep them coming. Communication is hard.

One Response to “Our Special Day”

  1. Michelle Way March 5, 2018 at 6:48 pm #

    He is such a precious boy! I am so grateful things are going well so far. I truly believe he is going to thrive in your family. He has so many wonderful adventures ahead of him! I can’t wait to hear about the smiles on his face when he meets Josiah! 🙂

    Please keep the updates coming. They make my day!

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