We made it to China!

4 Mar

The flight was long. Very long. We got up and stood for about 5 minutes every 4 hours. I tried to sleep but in the economy seats it is almost impossible to get comfortable (my back and tailbone were killing me) or to find a place to rest your head without it bobbing. I probably slept about 3-4 hours of the 15 hour flight. Kevan stated how are body hurt perfectly, “it’s going to take about 2 weeks for my butt to stop hurting” from sitting for 15 hours (10,066 miles). 2 weeks….lol…then we get on a plane again and head home. I wore my compression sleeves and my right hand is so swollen. Hope it gets better. I had more lymph nodes removed from the right side. 😞

When we first got on the plane it is so large that I didn’t even feel the take off. There were about 800 people on the plane. 2 levels. 16 exit doors. It was huge. We did have some turbulence but it wasn’t bad at all. It was 12:30am at home in TN when we left and about an hour into the flight they served us dinner. Here is a picture of both of our dinners:

< img src=”///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/4E1A882B-0AE7-440D-B4A4-B2856BCF15ED/Library/Caches/Media/thumbnail-a795fca8-a0d4-4529-8861-8bffa9a28993-1334×1334.jpeg”><<<<<
d the meatballs, potatoes and veggies. I had the fish rice. Fish rice sounded really bad but everyone kept ordering it so I thought it must be good. It was the most non-fish tasting fish I've ever had. Lol. I ate most of the fish and some of the rice. We both ate our fruit (pineapple and melon). There was also some weird salad with ham or turkey AND tuna on it but I couldn't get myself to try it. Kev did but that was it….only tried it but didn't finish eating it.

We were also served breakfast about 3 hours from our destination. Vegetable frittata or seafood congee. A picture is below. We also had 2 coffees each. They were very strong but very good with 2 powdered creamers and one sugar.

ver the captain or flight staff speak they speak in Chinese first and then English. The flight attendants are women and they have full makeup and lipstick on. Their hair is back and parted the same. I'm wondering if all that makeup is required. They look very pretty.

The hardest part of my flight was thinking about Josiah and not having any way of asking how he was doing. I knew what time it was in TN and I wondered if he wondered where I was when he woke up, what he had for breakfast, if he went down for his nap okay and I miss him terribly. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes thinking about him. I love you sweet boy.

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