Hotel and Vicinity

4 Mar

We checked into our hotel. It took a very long time as we were early and they had to find a room that was clean. They had a king suite but no additional bed so Malachi will have to sleep with us. I am a very light sleeper so we will see how it goes.

Here are a few pictures of our room. The one picture is of the bathroom. You can see the bathtub through the glass. You can also see the toilet. Not much privacy.

We then went to explore. Kev bought a SIM card for his phone so we would have a local number and data while we are here. It was about $30. Then we both got Starbucks coffees. It was $9.50. So, prices seem similar. We walked around looking for a place to eat. We found the best place for noodles and dumplings. So good! We will have to go there again. Kevan also got a mango drink that was really good.

We saw a Walmart. It is like a Walgreens with bedding here more than a Walmart.

We saw many bakeries and ice cream places. We will have to take Malachi back for something yummy.

We bought 2 bread items. One with olives for Kev and one with cheese for me. Too tired a full to eat now. Also, it is about 75 degrees and very humid. My hair is so frizzy! I’m laying in bed now. It is 11:33am here. 9:33pm at home. Going to take a nap.

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