Nothing is Impossible with God

27 Dec

Wow.  It has been awhile.   Over a year since I have posted to my blog.  I’m still here.  I’ve been a little busy.  [I will get to that in a minute. 🙂 ] My health is great.  I’ve had two oncology checkups and the 5th anniversary of my diagnosis is coming up in April.  I cannot believe it has been 5 years already since my diagnosis.  Time flies.  I cannot believe what can happen in a year of being away from my blog….you are about to find out.  Ha!

So….this happened…..


I told you.  Sooooo much has happened.  Do you remember my blog posts where I would cry and be full of sadness because I could not have a child?  Do you remember I thought the day would never come where I would hold my child in my arms?  But, I always felt like God would remind me of His word and where it says, “that nothing was impossible with God”.  I would see the verse all the time and hear it in my heart when I prayed.  Well, He was right.  Nothing is impossible.  As I look back now I am so amazed how God worked it all out.  A gracious and wonderful woman reached out to my husband and I.  She knew we wanted a child.  I cannot begin to imagine how hard it was for her to give us this precious, perfect baby boy.  All I can do is pray for her and ask God to bless her for giving us such a marvelous gift.

The birth mom let me be there when he was born.  Another amazing gift.  We brought him home the first week of February.  [We only knew about 5 weeks before!] Our lives have never been the same.  I am in awe  Here I am with our precious gift the day we brought him home.  One of the happiest and scariest of my life.  Haha!  I couldn’t believe I was responsible for this little human.  lol!  I was so scared.


A few more pictures.  I was looking through all of his pictures and I cannot believe how big he is already.

He has been through so many stages and is just a few days/weeks from walking.  He is into everything and I’m perfectly fine with it.  lol.  I love every step of the way.  The time when I got pooped and peed on and had to wash me, him and the changing table at 3am.  The time he woke me up 5 times in the night because he was teething and he was having a hard time sleeping.  He just wanted his mommy.  I loved the “every 2 hour feedings” because it was my special time with him.  Every experience.  Although, I am so happy he sleeps through the night now (most nights).  The first time he learned to turn over, the first time he said “da da” and “ma ma”.  The first time he smiled when I came in his room in the morning.    The first time he pulled up to stand and we cheered and clapped.  Being a mom is amazing.  It is even more than I ever imaged it would be.  It comes with a lot of worry though too.  I worry so much that he might get hurt.  I’m pretty sure the first night he slept through the night I checked to make sure he was still breathing about 10 times.

If there is something you have prayed for 100 times and God has still answered with a “No” or “Be Patient”, continue to be patient.  Keep praying.  Keep having hope.  Nothing is impossible with God.  I’m still amazed that He remembered me.  That He heard my prayers.  My cries.  My many many tears and pleas.

I bet Hannah was as amazed and joyous as I am when she said, “I prayed for this child. The Lord has granted me what I asked of him” (I Samuel 1:27).  I know exactly how she felt those many many many years ago.

This is what a blessed family looks like.  God is good.  He is sooo good to me.


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