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Question for my Breast Cancer Survivor Friends

12 Oct

Dear Breast Cancer Survivor friends who’ve had lymph nodes removed…I have a question for you,

I’ve had lymph nodes removed from both sides.  I have occasional lymph node pain.  Mostly in my chest, armpits, neck and inside of elbows.  It gets so bad I have to just lay flat and work from bed.  I haven’t had it since May and I thought it was gone for good.  It returned last Thursday and I’ve been dealing with it all weekend.  I went back to my calendar to see if there was some connection.  Well, I’ve been on a plane 4 times in the last 2 weeks.  Same as earlier this year when it was happening.  Have you experienced lymphatic pain after flying?  I do wear my compression sleeves when I fly and I’m wearing them today to see if it will help me. I don’t know if I want it to be from flying or not.  I want an answer to this pain, but not sure that is a good answer.

12 Years With You…

4 Oct


I was going to post just a short Facebook post and tell you Happy Anniversary, but since I’m stuck in a hotel for a couple of hours I thought I would spend a little more time thinking about what today means.  We’ve made it through 12 years of marriage.  My eyes tear up when I think about it too much.

Remember when you proposed to me at the Leatherwood Overlook.  We had only been dating about 6 months.  You took me to Hardees the week before and I start bawling my eyes out because I thought you had changed your mind.  Ha!  I wouldn’t tell you why I was crying.  lol!  We ran through the trail because the flies were so bad.  It was a horse trail.  You set the camera up to make sure you documented our special day.  Look how young and thin we look.


We married before my braces.  You loved me even though I had messed up teeth.  lol!  Here is a picture of the 27-year-old girl you were about to marry.  This was our wedding shower that sweet Dottie had for us.


Our wedding day was perfect.  The weather was perfect, the venue was perfect and it was just a great day.  One of the best days of my life.




You are my Knight, my Edward, my Mr. Darcy.


This picture shows just how much we would laugh together.


This picture shows your “original” wedding ring.  Now, you are on your 4th.  The first one was a “loaner” and you’ve lost 2 of them.  lol!  Thankfully, I still have my original.


When we went on our honeymoon I remember freaking out that I had not even known you a year yet.  What if I had made a mistake getting married so soon?  We went to St. Maarten and it drove you crazy that our room had “issues” so you went to the Home Improvement store on the island and bought some things to fix it.  I thought you were crazy!  lol!!  Little did I know that your love to fix things would benefit me so much in our marriage.  You have made me so many things and fixed so many things that have needed fixing.  You are such a blessing to me.

We’ve been through so much.  After 6 years of marriage our marriage almost ended.  We were both being selfish.  I thought it was all your fault until God showed me in His Word exactly how bad I really was and how I was putting myself before Him and you.  I’m so thankful that God got a hold of me.  I can’t imagine my life without you.  I love you so much more today than I did the day we got married.  We’ve learned that love is a choice, not a feeling.  You just have to keep holding on during the hard times.   Keep communicating!

Wedding Pic 2

You’ve encouraged me so much.  From the “first” day I met you you have tried to encourage me.  You didn’t even know me but you knew that I needed encouragement.  You’ve been my cheerleader during our journey through breast cancer and my double mastectomy  I cried and thought I looked like Frankenstein and you somehow could see past all of it.  I don’t know how you did it.  You are amazing.  You loved me without hair during my chemo, you helped me to the bathroom when my legs just couldn’t hold me up anymore and you brought me a bowl when I needed to throw up.  You’ve always been there at doctor’s appointments when I needed you (even when we were dating).  You love me through our infertility.  You make sure that I know that you love me even though I haven’t been able to give you children and make sure to tell me that God loves me even when I feel like He doesn’t.  I pray that God blesses you with a son one day.

We’ve lived in 3 different states and 6 different homes.  We’ve traveled to many places.  We’ve hiked, kayaked, flew, cruised and walked many miles together.   We’ve loved to root for Auburn football and we even had fun watching the Outback Bowl in the cold rain together.  I am so thankful that I got to experience all of these things with you.  You are my best friend.


Our 5th Anniversary Cruise


Outback Bowl


Kevan and his kayak

One of my favorite things about you is that you are my bible teacher.  You love to read and study scripture together.  When I have questions you always try to answer them.  You encourage me to grow in my knowledge of the word and to help others with their study of God’s word.  I know what a huge blessing it is to have a husband like you.

I know that there are little things that bother us about each other, but it is easy to overlook them when there are so many reasons to love each other and when you try to put God at the center.  I hope/pray that we will have MANY more years together.  I pray that we will have a family one day and I will be thankful for the many years we had alone together.  I’m thankful you chose me 12 years ago to spend the rest of your life with.    I love you!!