Second Opinion Update

3 Jul

In my previous post I explained the results of a laparoscopy I had recently.  It wasn’t good news.  My local doctor was telling my husband and I that I needed to have a hysterectomy and that if we had a child there was a possibility I would die during pregnancy, due to my uterus rupturing.  This prompted us to get a second opinion.  Yesterday, we traveled to Nashville to see a doctor that specializes in fertility and endometriosis.

Her first words were, “wow, you’ve been through a lot.”  I think this is every doctor’s first response.  lol!  We told her why we were there…for a second opinion…to see whether or not I should have the hysterectomy and give up on having children.  We thought that this would just be a consultation and we did not expect her to give us her opinion until she ran some tests and read through my records.  We were wrong.  She read through my surgical records.  She told us that due to my age (39) and my chemo background that I probably did not have a good egg supply [we’ve heard this before].  Although, she said that 4 rounds of chemo was not very much and she has patients that have had way more chemo who went on to have a child.  She then wanted to do an ultrasound to get a good look at my uterus and ovaries.  So, we all headed to a different room.

They asked me to get undressed and then lay on the table with my “paper blanket”.  Kevan was like, “um….don’t they give you a robe or something?”  Nope.  LOL!  I told him this is what women go through every day.  It is too expensive for doctors to give us nice warm REAL blankets that have to be laundered.  Instead, we are asked to get undressed and then given a very thin paper blanket to cover ourselves with, while we freeze our naked butts off, trying to hold the blanket in such a way that when the doctor and the technician come in we don’t moon everyone that is outside in the hallway.  Ha!  The story of our lives.  Although, if they are concerned about the “upper half” of our body we do get a nice thin paper vest that has huge arm holes.  It covers us a little more.  Luckily, this time, I got to keep my shirt on.  🙂

I think this would be a good business for someone.  Work with some doctors to come up with some nice gowns and blankets for us to use at the doctor.  Hey, I’d pay $20 to have a blanket/gown combo I can take with me (and wash myself when I get home) so I don’t have to use their cold paper items.  They would say, “then lay on the table with your paper blanket draped over you” and I would say, “oh, I don’t need that.  I bought my fancy schmancy gown from Medical Products of America that has care bears on it.”  Wow, what a great idea!  lol!

While the doctor performed the ultrasound she told us certain organs and measurements looked good.  She was even pleasantly surprised that I had just ovulated and she said it was an early ovulation (cycle day 12 – which I guess happens when a woman is in peri-menopause).  She did say she could tell that I had a low supply of eggs and that the left ovary didn’t appear to be functioning as well as the right one.  I know.  TMI.  lol!  [I wanted to document it for later when I can’t remember which one is the good one.  I’m starting prayers for that little right ovary!]

She then let me get dressed and then took us into an office setting.  She does not see any reason why I would need a hysterectomy right now.  She does not think I would die in pregnancy and that my local doctor is very negative and probably worried because of my past cancer history.  But, nothing she has read or viewed on the ultrasound would cause her to believe I need a hysterectomy or couldn’t carry a child.  She then laid out a “plan” for us to conceive naturally (not through IVF).  Our plan works according to “cycle days”.  We will be using a drug called Femara to help egg production (it is also used to treat breast cancer so it is a win win) and I can’t remember the other one (a shot in my stomach).  Also, she doesn’t believe that my tubes are blocked because I had a previous test in 2009 that revealed that they were open and just fine.  So, she is going to do another hysterosalpingogram (HSG) before we leave on our mission trip (July 23rd).  Unfortunately, the remaining steps she wants us to do will have to wait until we get back from our mission trip.  Mainly because the women and men are split up into different rooms….and well….it would be very hard for us to “complete” the plan if we are separated.  Ha!

For those interested and also have fertility issues….she ran blood tests on both of us.  She is checking my egg production (I was surprised there is a blood test for this) – we are praying it doesn’t come back “very low” because this would not be good.  She is checking to see if Kevan has an anti-body that makes my body allergic to him.  lol!  That would be interesting.  They are checking my thyroid, hormone levels and some other things that I can’t remember.  They asked us if we wanted to do genetic testing to see if we were carriers of certain diseases and we opted not to do that.  We wanted to think about it, research it and pray about it first.  We might do it at our next appointment, but we didn’t want to rush into it before we gave it some thought.

The moral of this story is – GET A SECOND OPINION!  My local doctor is just very pessimistic and he does not have the faith we have so he worries about every little thing.  Therefore, it clouds his opinion.  This doctor was a very optimistic doctor and I believe she is a Christian because she loved that Kevan’s records said he was getting a Masters in Biblical Studies.  🙂

So, we have our plan.  For those of you who pray for us in this area we would love your continued prayers.  We know our God is able to do the impossible.  Here is the picture on the side of the hospital and the doctor’s office we visited yesterday.


One Response to “Second Opinion Update”

  1. Sherry Potts July 3, 2015 at 1:50 pm #

    wonderful news! I am praying for you!!! 🙂

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