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Second Opinion Update

3 Jul

In my previous post I explained the results of a laparoscopy I had recently.  It wasn’t good news.  My local doctor was telling my husband and I that I needed to have a hysterectomy and that if we had a child there was a possibility I would die during pregnancy, due to my uterus rupturing.  This prompted us to get a second opinion.  Yesterday, we traveled to Nashville to see a doctor that specializes in fertility and endometriosis.

Her first words were, “wow, you’ve been through a lot.”  I think this is every doctor’s first response.  lol!  We told her why we were there…for a second opinion…to see whether or not I should have the hysterectomy and give up on having children.  We thought that this would just be a consultation and we did not expect her to give us her opinion until she ran some tests and read through my records.  We were wrong.  She read through my surgical records.  She told us that due to my age (39) and my chemo background that I probably did not have a good egg supply [we’ve heard this before].  Although, she said that 4 rounds of chemo was not very much and she has patients that have had way more chemo who went on to have a child.  She then wanted to do an ultrasound to get a good look at my uterus and ovaries.  So, we all headed to a different room.

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