One Very Opinionated Doctor

21 Apr

Since this blog is now 3 years old and I’ve been off treatment now for 2+ years I thought I should provide an update.  That is code for: I just really want to share my experience with a particularly opinionated gynecologist.  lol!


My hair is so long! I’m loving the length. Also, my oncologist was right. He said it would take 3 years for my hair to grow back to the length it was before chemo. It is now that length and it has been almost 3 years. I’ve attached a pic below. I was having it highlighted, but it was such a pain because it is so dark now that I just hated going in so often. So, I had my friend, Tracy, dye it back to the natural color and it is DARK. It has been this color for 7 months and I’m ready to go back to blonde. I still don’t know who the person is in the mirror when I see her. Ha! Also, I told a few people (who I won’t name here, but they know who they are) that I was going back to blonde and they told me how happy they were that I finally came to that conclusion. Um… you have hated this long, eh? Lol!

Hair_Back  Hair_Front1Hair_Front2

Doctor Visits

I’ve been having some issues with episodes of pain so I’ve been seeing my doctors more in order to find out what is causing it. It is a very strange thing. Every 4-6 weeks I have 3-10 days where I have pain all over my body. Extreme pain. Then, it goes away until the next time. When I have the painful episodes I have to work from my bed, I have a hard time focusing, I look forward to dying so the pain will stop (seriously!) and Kevan has to order a lot of takeout food. We have not been able to figure out what is causing the pain. I have spleen pain (and enlarged spleen), lymph node pain under my arms, elbows, knees and spine. I also have pain in the middle of my chest that the oncologist believes is a cluster of nodes. All blood work comes back perfect.

I finally wrote a letter to 3 of my doctors (endocrinologist, primary doc and oncologist) and begged asked them to please figure out what is causing it because it is so painful. My primary doctor referred me to a Rheumatologist. He was a very nice doctor, did a thorough exam, asked his colleague to come in and see me too. They have no idea what would happen in cycles like this. Aleve/Advil will not help the pain. Unfortunately, doctors just want to give me more drugs to mask the pain, but I just want to figure it out. He wants me to use topical pain cream and has also put me on a fibromyalgia med (even though he said he doesn’t think it is fibromyalgia). Ugh. I don’t mind trying the topical cream, but I sure don’t like the idea of the other medication so I’m still thinking/praying about it.

My endocrinologist called me as well. She was a little ticked off by my letter. I really do like her. Previously, she switched my thyroid meds from one that contains fillers, gluten, etc to one that is hypo-allergenic. It is called tirosint. I take it every day now and never miss. I have had a hard time taking my pill each day, but this new script comes in packages that have bubbles for each day of the week. It is so much easier for me to remember now. I’ve only missed a few times. J Anyway, she called me to discuss the letter and she pretty much told me to get “sterilized” and see if it helps. She thinks the pain is hormonal and if I have a hysterectomy it would “probably” go away. Yes, she knows we want children. But, her opinion was that she couldn’t help me so get “sterilized”.

Well, during all these appointments I’ve been feeling a pain on my left side and knew I had a cyst so I went to the doctor for that. He asked me where the pain was. I told him and he preceded to tell me that the area was my colon and not my ovary. He said I needed a colonoscopy and that the pain was not a cyst. I hope I didn’t roll my eyes at him. I can’t remember. He then went on to lecture me about breast cancer and ovarian cancer. I explained that I am not BRCA positive so I was told that I could keep my ovaries. He still wanted to know why I wanted to keep them…looking at me like I was crazy. I told him I wanted children. I wish I could’ve photographed the look on his face. He then decided to lecture me about my age and about my past medical history… I don’t know how old I am (I’m 39) and that I’ve had Graves Disease and cancer. Then, tells me that I should really re-think whether we should be having children. He informed me that I could end up with a child with down syndrome. I then told him that a child with down syndrome….IS A CHILD. I saw a light bulb go off in his head…..then he said, “That is true. A buddy of mine had a little boy with down syndrome and he played baseball pretty well for his age. He is now able to live on his own and he’s a pretty nice kid.” Seriously?? Did I just have this conversation? Did he just agree with me? For me, if I had a child with down syndrome then God ordained it and he picked Kevan and I to be that child’s parent because he knew we would be the best parents for that child. Also, every child I’ve known with down syndrome has been the sweetest child and this life here on earth is a blink of an eye. When that child gets to heaven they will be perfect and that life is for eternity. That child would still be my child, blessing from God.

Okay, so let’s fast forward. Even though he believed my pain was “colon related” he told me to come back on the 21st for an ultrasound. I wondered if he was always this opinionated or if I had caught him on a bad day. Well, he is always this way. Ha! I do love one thing about him….he does his own ultrasounds. So, as he did the ultrasound he told me everything he was seeing. During the last visit I had mentioned to him that I’ve been having tailbone pain for 2 years. He told me it was probably a cyst and that he would ultrasound the area to see if that might be the cause. During the last 2 weeks I found a lump on my spine and it is pretty painful when I touch it (like it is on a nerve). So, he ultrasounded it. He said it was a small lipoma. A little less than 1cm. Then, told me his opinion. Which was, “I wouldn’t have someone remove something that small. I would just leave it there.” For those that have followed my blog…I was told for 9 months that the lump in my breast was just a lipoma…they don’t hurt and they aren’t cancerous. First, my breast lump DID hurt and second, IT WAS CANCEROUS. I really am not worried that this one on my back is cancerous, but I would like it removed to see if my pain goes away. My primary doctor (I saw him today too) feels the same way and is going to refer me to a surgeon.

Are you still with me? This same doctor who said I didn’t have ovary pain found a 3.5cm cyst on my ovary. I was like, “Dude, I told you I had a cyst!!” lol! He said it is pretty big, but that he wouldn’t walk me over to the OR to take it out. He also said I am probably not ovulating because of the cyst. Then, it gets good. He goes on to tell me that my husband and I need a plan and if we are going to have children we need to do it NOW. So, “if he were me” he would have the laparoscopy to remove the cyst, have my fallopian tubes “flushed” and start taking Clomid. (I haven’t read about Clomid yet, but I think there is a risk of multiples with Clomid – I think I could handle multiples….but Kevan might die. Lol!) He said a few more things but I will leave those comments to your imagination. Haha!! I really don’t mind him giving his opinion. I’m secure in my own decisions that it doesn’t matter to me what he thinks and it is kind of funny to hear what he is thinking. I do feel a little bad for his wife though. Lol!

I haven’t heard from my oncologist yet, but his office did call and confirm that he got my letter. I have an appointment with him coming up in May.  Kevan and I just moved into a new house so we are super busy with getting the house unpacked and painted.  Church, jobs and life keep us very busy.  If I have time I will post about the surprise birthday weekend he just took me on.  It was a lot of fun and a very special time together.

Anyway, that is what is going on with me.  Thanks again for all of you that comment and if you are not a facebook friend and want to be comment below and I’ll add you if I can.

2 Responses to “One Very Opinionated Doctor”

  1. Michelle Way April 21, 2015 at 11:20 pm #

    I always get excited when I see that you have a new post because I think of you so often and wonder how you’re doing. I’d love to be friends on FB. 🙂

  2. Julie April 22, 2015 at 11:20 pm #

    Jayde, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE your DARK hair! I also love the cut and the length right now. I think you are just beautiful! Seeing those pictures of you, makes me miss you so much. Just wanted you to know that I too took Clomid. We tried for a year before we conceived.

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