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Prayer for a friend…

27 Jan

A friend of mine (from high school) found out today that she has breast cancer.  My heart is broken for her.  I know there are a few ladies that subscribe to my blog that are also survivors who know exactly what she is going through right now.  So many thoughts and feelings are going through her mind.  She will have many appointments to discuss her “options”, her future and she will need to make many decisions.  She is a mother and I cannot imagine going through this journey and having to worry about small children.  PLEASE pray for strength and HEALING for her.  Pray for wisdom for her as she makes these important decisions.  Pray for LOTS of support and comfort for her as she goes through surgery and treatment.  Pray that she feels God’s presence with her through this journey and that he carries her through with hope and many blessings along the way.  Just pray for her please.  Her initials are TD and God knows who she is.  Let’s FLOOD her life with prayer right now as that is what carried me through my cancer journey.  It was all the prayers from all of you.  Ask God to bring her to your mind every now and then so you can remember to pray for her.

THANK YOU!  God bless you TD!  I’m here for you if you need me.