Post Surgery Update

26 Oct

Surgery went well.  No complications.  I talked with the anesthesiologist beforehand about how it takes me hours to wake back up.  he explained that it wasn’t the anesthesia that does that.  It is the drugs they give you beforehand for calming you and so you don’t have to see the O.R. When you are rolled in.  I guess that freaks people out.  Not me.  I chose to go drug free.  It was actually pretty cool to see the O.R. And meet everyone in there.  He also put my IV in place and had to try 3 times.  It was pretty painful.  One of the times I jumped and scared him and then blood squirted and it messed him up so he had to find a new one.  Oops.  He wanted to use a neck vein for the IV but I told him that would freak me out a little.  I’m not supposed to use my arms for IVs or blood draws since I’ve had lymph nodes removed from both sides.  But the neck?  Nope.  Not gonna do it.  Lol.

They wheeled me into the O.R. and one of the nurses told me to dream about being on the beach somewhere.  Then, she followed it up with, “make sure you dream about the hot cabana boys that are serving you.”. I had an oxygen mask on my face so I couldn’t reply.  But, I would’ve said! “I don’t need a cabana boy.  I have my hot hubby instead.”. 🙂

I woke up so fast after surgery.  It was great.  I felt a little groggy and I didn’t have my glasses on so it contributed to my dizziness since I can’t see much without them. Kevan couldn’t believe I already was sitting up with my eyes open when he came in.  It was great.  If I ever have to have surgery again I’m going to forego the initial meds too.  The next thing was that I couldn’t leave without urinating first.  I tried a few times but my bladder and muscles were still asleep so it took a pretty long time for it to wake up so I could go home.  My sweet mother-in-law went into the bathroom with me to make sure I was okay and she even helped me get dressed.  It was very sweet of her.  Kevan was on an urgent work call so he couldn’t help me.

So far all we know is that he found a moderate amount of endometriosis.  Not a little or an extravagant amount, but a significant amount.  It was on the normal areas but also my bladder and on one ovary.  He removed it. He said my ovaries looked great and so did my Fallopian tubes.  He didn’t see anything  that would get in the way of us getting pregnant.  He also did a D&C because my uterine lining was so thick.  He said sometimes women get pregnant pretty fast after endo removal and a D&C. So, we will be praying for that.  He took a endometrial biopsy as well to see if I may have luteal phase defect and if that is the reason we have never gotten pregnant.  We’ve been trying 7 years now (minus the year I had cancer….of course we weren’t trying then).  7 is the perfect number and the number of completion.  Im hoping God will answer and our family will be complete.

I hardly had any pain yesterday, but I’m in a good amount of pain today.  Also, I had to get up 6 times last night to empty my bladder.  It is super sensitive.  This happened the last time I had endo removed from my bladder and it got better after a few weeks.

Thank you all for your prayers.  I’m thankful that God was with me, that he taught companies how to make pain pills (haha) and provides doctors with their skills.  My pain med is kicking in.  I won’t make much sense soon.  So, I ammmmm signing offfff nowwww.

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