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What caused my weirdness?

13 Aug

I know I haven’t written in SO long. I have been really busy and I have all kinds of posts in my mind, but haven’t found time to sit and type. Work is C-R-A-Z-Y! When I’m not working I’m busy with my hubby, canning jelly or freezing some kind of fruit/veggie or playing my latest obsession…..yes……I let a friend (who I won’t name, but she knows who she is!!) talk me into playing Candy Crush. I don’t know why I started and I’m sure there is some psychological reason why I am now addicted to this stupid game, but for now….I must finish the next level. lol! Once I finish all the levels then I can stop…..right? lol!

ANYWAY, I wanted to update the blog with how I’ve been feeling lately. I had my “almost” 1-year-post-chemo 3-month oncology check-up last Monday. When my doctor walked in he said, “Wow, you look beautiful!” He totally made my week! Although, I’m sure he says that to everyone. 🙂 I told the doctor how great I was feeling and also informed him that my period has disappeared for the last 2 1/2 months and that my kidneys are working overtime (I run to the restroom about 10-14 times a day – I’ve counted!). It gets really annoying when you have to be on conference calls all morning for work and you have to be very creative on how you find time to run to the restroom. lol! Good thing that someone invented the mute button. Although, I’m always scared that it doesn’t work or I forgot to push it…I have trust issues with the mute button. Ok….enough about potty breaks. The doctor ran some blood work and a urinalysis. Then, I waited and waited and WAITED for the results. When they finally called they informed me that they lost my urinalysis and I would have to go to the local office to give another “sample” on Monday. Grr!

On Saturday, I started having mild back pain. I went with Kev to run a bunch of errands and when we got home I told him I needed to lay down. It seemed that when I laid flat it was better, but if I sat or stood for a while it got worse. So, I chilled out in bed for a couple of hours and felt much better when I got up. Sunday I felt good until about 2pm and then the back pain started again. Kev flew to Michigan so I was home alone that night. I woke up at about 4am and I thought something was REALLY wrong. I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand it. I got up and took a bath to see if it would help. It did a little, but once I got out I was still hurting. I also had a low grade fever. I took an Aleve. It didn’t work. I got into the bath again at about 5:30 and decided to take an AZO pill just in case it was a UTI or kidney infection (not a good choice you will find out later). Then, I was so out of it that I fell asleep in the tub for about 30 minutes! I have never fallen asleep in the tub except for one other time and it was while I was doing chemo and I was too tired to get myself out. When I woke up I was in a weird position leaning over the side and couldn’t feel my legs. lol! I had to sit there while my legs regained blood again and then I hobbled out to the couch. Still in pain. I took another Aleve, told my co-workers I couldn’t work and then I passed out asleep for a few hours. Then, headed out to give my urine sample. Which they informed me that they couldn’t use since I took the AZO and they said it was too discolored now. Oops! I informed them about how bad I was doing and they called me in an antibiotic and pain meds. I had to come back on Tuesday.

When I got to Walgreens they only had the antibiotic and not the pain meds. I was in too much pain to argue so I just left so I could hurry home and lay down. Then, I regretted the decision to leave without pain pills. I continued to be in pain all Monday night and Tuesday morning. Although, I was able to sleep better than I did the night before. In the morning I went back up to give my next urine sample. This one they could use. I told them how much worse I was doing and they confirmed I still had a low fever. They told me their phones were down so they couldn’t call my doctor (he’s in a different office 1.5 hours away) so they told me to go home and they would call me later. I wondered to myself as I left how they would call if their phones were down…but I didn’t ask. I just wanted my bed to lay down on. I swung by Walgreens since their office confirmed that they sent the pain meds. When I got to Walgreens they told me their system was down because it got hit by lightning and they couldn’t give me the prescription because it wasn’t in their system. What?????? Yup. I left again. No pain meds. Grr!

I came home and tried to work from my bed, but the pain was sooooo bad. Then, all of a sudden… stopped. No pain. I haven’t had pain for the last 5 or so hours. The doctor’s office ended up calling. we discussed the possibilities. She said the urine test came back as no infection and no sign of a kidney stone. Hmmm. Really? What kind of pain like that abruptly stops? She decided to schedule an ultrasound on Friday to rule out a few things. Then, she said she may do an x-ray and CT once she rules out pregnancy. Although, she already confirmed (based on my blood work) that I’m not pregnant. But, she said she has seen weirder things happen. So, we will see on Friday if anything strange pops up on their little ultrasound screen.

I never said my body wasn’t strange. Now, we wait and wonder if the pain is going to start again. I sure hope not.