I’ve Been Waiting For Today!

27 Apr

Since the day after my last chemo (8/28/2012) I’ve been waiting very trying to wait patiently until the day I could have my hair highlighted.  I have a friend (Hi Tracy!) that has her own hair salon.  She has given me my up-to-date “hair status” every Wednesday when I see her at bible study.  Well, the day finally came for her to tell me that it was finally long enough to pull through a cap….so I could get it highlighted.  I did put her off a few weeks because we were in California or I was too busy, but today was the day I had it done.  YAY!

Honestly, I’ve never had my hair pulled through a cap before.  Normally, I have it “foiled”.  So, this was a new experience.  Here is the cap.  I always wanted to be Laura Ingalls…lol!


Then, Miss Tracy pulled it through the cap.  Haha!


I sat under the heater thing for a few minutes.  🙂


Then, she washed it and styled it.  Here is the front…


and the back….


and a Final Pic from the bathroom of the restaurant where we ate lunch.  That is the new thing right?  Taking random pictures in the bathroom of the places we visit?  🙂


I will go get it done again in a few weeks to lighten it a little more.  Then, hopefully by the end of the summer it will be long enough for me to start wearing HAIR EXTENSIONS!  Yup…..I’m gonna do it!  My sister does….why can’t I?  I miss my long hair (and so does my hubby).

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