Chemo Care Package Update

26 Apr

Several months ago I wrote a post about chemo care packages.  I wanted those who know someone undergoing chemo to have an idea of what some of their needs may be.  Also, I wanted to remember so I could do the same for those I know going through the same thing.  Well, an opportunity to bless two ladies who were going through chemo presented itself to our ladies group at church.  We didn’t know these ladies personally, but they were family to the ladies in our group.  I was VERY excited to be able to bless them with their very own chemo care baskets.  🙂

Here is what we did.

First, we created a sign-up sheet for the ladies to sign up for what to bring and a date of when the items were due so we could assemble it all together.  Unfortunately, our ladies only had 1 week to get everything together, but it turned out to be just fine!  Below is a picture of the basic sign-up sheet.  I did pretty it up a little with our ladies group logo/name, etc. but I cut it out of the picture.  Reading the things on the list may sound strange or funny, but they really will be needed if they experience the same issues I did.


Luckily, we had someone donate baskets of various sizes (thank you!) so we just used 2 of the baskets we had received and we’ve saved the others for future care packages.  We meet every Wednesday Night for bible study so before the study we just got together and assembled the baskets.  I have a silhouette paper cutter so it was VERY easy to print tags off to use for the different items.  I wanted them to know why each item was chosen.  Someone else donated the ribbons.  Here is a picture of the tags we used.  I printed them on different color/patterned paper so they weren’t all the same color.  For those that don’t have a fancy cutter/printer you could always buy tags and write on them yourself or print them on your printer and cut them out.


Then, we pulled everything together into the basket.  Sorry for such a bad pic.  I took it with my phone.  You can see how we tied the different tags to each item.  We also wrote a sweet letter to them letting them know why we were giving it to them, let them know we were praying for them and provided a few bible verses for encouragement/strength.


I also made a loaf of freshly ground whole wheat bread for each basket.  Which, one of the ladies said was the best bread she ever had.  🙂  We have a church member that makes wonderful cinnamon rolls using freshly ground wheat and natural sweetener.  In the future, I will probably ask her to “donate” her skills as well.  Also, for the lavender one of our ladies had a great idea and provide the lavender fragrance oil/sticks from Wal-mart.  I think it was a great choice.  We even threw in some other items that weren’t on my list (Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup, mac & cheese, etc) to provide a few meals for them when they need them.

It was such a blessing to our group to be able to help these ladies in some way even though we don’t know them.  I tear up every time I think about it and I’m so happy that we brightened their day during such a not so happy time for them.  We heard that both ladies were very excited to receive them and one even  told her own church group about it and they are going to start doing the same thing.  I couldn’t be happier that we are spreading blessings!  They are struggling so much to get through awful chemo.  I know firsthand that something so little can provide much joy.

Now……go…..spread the joy!

One Response to “Chemo Care Package Update”

  1. Patte Evans April 27, 2013 at 11:47 am #

    Jayde – what a blessing this was and will be for people going through chemo. So proud of all of you for showing God’s Love. God Bless You All for caring for them when they need so much at this time.

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