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Oncology Appointment – Good News/Bad News

30 Apr

Kevan and I went to my Oncology check-up appointment today.  I tried to talk my doctor into letting me get hair extensions through my insurance so I wouldn’t have to pay for them.  I mean, really….it is causing emotional distress having this short curly hair.  lol!  He wouldn’t go for it.  But, he joked and said that he had a hair extension side business.  Ha!  Being an oncologist….he would make a bundle!  🙂

The GREAT news is that all things cancer related came back great.  I talked to him a little about how I am eating better than I was before cancer and about the same amount and still not losing weight.  Kevan and I are taking 1.5-3 mile walks several times a week as well.  I just cannot get this weight off.  He told me that once my metabolism ramps back up (now that I’m no longer in menopause) that I should start losing the weight I’ve gained.  So, we left with all great news.  Then….

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I’ve Been Waiting For Today!

27 Apr

Since the day after my last chemo (8/28/2012) I’ve been waiting very trying to wait patiently until the day I could have my hair highlighted.  I have a friend (Hi Tracy!) that has her own hair salon.  She has given me my up-to-date “hair status” every Wednesday when I see her at bible study.  Well, the day finally came for her to tell me that it was finally long enough to pull through a cap….so I could get it highlighted.  I did put her off a few weeks because we were in California or I was too busy, but today was the day I had it done.  YAY!

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Chemo Care Package Update

26 Apr

Several months ago I wrote a post about chemo care packages.  I wanted those who know someone undergoing chemo to have an idea of what some of their needs may be.  Also, I wanted to remember so I could do the same for those I know going through the same thing.  Well, an opportunity to bless two ladies who were going through chemo presented itself to our ladies group at church.  We didn’t know these ladies personally, but they were family to the ladies in our group.  I was VERY excited to be able to bless them with their very own chemo care baskets.  🙂

Here is what we did.

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Answered Prayer (Men, you won’t want to read it…)

15 Apr

Well….I’m a little behind on my 1 year diagnosis anniversary post.  I’m still working on a video/slideshow that I want to post.  So…I will skip that for now.  But, I have some great news.  If you are a guy though….you may want to stop reading….as I’m about to talk about “female stuff”.  lol!!!


Really….if your a guy… don’t want to read any further.  You really won’t appreciate what I’m about to say.

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Happy Birthday to me! What a blessing!

1 Apr

Normally, birthdays are not so happy days because I’m another year older and I always feel like I’m not where I want to be each year.  BUT, this year is different.  I do feel old and I’m at least 20 pounds heavier than last year at this time, but I am sooooo blessed that God gave me another year.  I have so much joy inside today!  He has blessed me so much and allowed me to spend another year with my best friend and hubby.  He has given me more time to tell the Good News and to proclaim His Name.  I’m so thankful to my Father who loves me.

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