Good Friday

30 Mar

Today is Good Friday.  On Good Friday last year I found out that I had breast cancer.  Today, on Facebook, I posted:

What a year it has been! So thankful that God brought me through it and I am cancer free. This is what I said on my first blog post after finding out I had breast cancer, “I am so thankful that God chose Good Friday to reveal this to me. It is a reminder of how much He loves me! He died for me and suffered for me so that I may have eternal life with Him. He has forgiven me for my sins and through his blood I am restored. Praise God!” If I had died from the cancer, I knew in my heart that everything would be just fine. I would wake up in the best place! It was a blessed year.”  

I really meant what I said then and I really mean it now.  It really has been a year of blessings.  It has been hard, very hard…don’t get me wrong, but I have seen God work so much in my life and those around me as well.  In a week or so I will post the “official one year post” since the one year anniversary is actually 4/6, but I wanted to say how wonderful my God is on Good Friday.
This is the day that my Lord was crucified.  The day He died.  Why is it good?  Because it is the day He died for me.  For my sins.  It is the day He wiped my slate clean and made me white as snow.  He saved me from God’s wrath.  I am restored to stand before God one day as his daughter.  On Sunday, we will celebrate the day He rose again.  Amazing.  My God is a living God.  He is a God that allows me to have a relationship with Him.  To pray to Him, to ask for healing, to ask for help, to ask for mercy….He loves me. 

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