6-Weeks Post Reconstruction and a BIG Praise

19 Jan

I haven’t had much time to post lately.  I have a lot going on.  I’m back at work and takes up most of my time.  I was scared that it would be hard to get back in the “groove”, but it wasn’t hard at all.  Actually, I love my job so much (programming and designing reports) that sometimes I want to work into the night.  lol!  Kevan has to remind me to stop.  Also, I’m teaching a Wednesday night women’s bible study now on the book of Luke (the ministry of Christ) so I am doing quite a bit of preparation each day for that study.  I love researching and preparing for the study, but I still have a hard time with the actual leading of the study since I am an introvert and all eyes are on me.  I’m hoping that it will get better as time goes on.  It still scares me to death each week.

Arms/Chest Muscles
My body has healed very well since my surgery.  I am feeling great.  The only thing that has been bothering me are my arms and chest muscles.  For example, I cannot stir like I used to.  I used to make up batter (cookies, cakes, etc) and stir them…but now….those chest muscles hurt A LOT when I do that so now I have to lug out the stand mixer.  If I end up stirring manually I have muscles spasms the next day.  Also, the other day Kevan opened the kitchen window and when I went to shut it the muscle pain in my chest was awful.  It feels like something is tearing.  So, I’m going to talk to the doctor about exercises I need to be doing.  I also reached out to the personal trainer I used to go to in Orlando (Hi Rena!) and we might have some FaceTime sessions so I can learn some arm/chest/back exercises to help me.  I will let you know how that goes and if this pain gets better.  I pray it does!  Farm chores will be really hard in the spring/summer if I can’t get these muscles back to where they used to be.

The other thing that has been happening the last few days is nerve pain in my underarm/breast area.  Kevan thinks this is my nerves growing back….which would be a HUGE blessing.  I had a similar pain in my arm when I had the mastectomy and the doctor said it was the nerves growing back.  It makes me sad that I have no feeling in my chest.  Really sad actually.  I have prayed a lot about it and asked God to give me back the feeling back.  So, even though the nerve pain is pretty painful I’m thinking it is a blessing.  I’ll talk to the doctor about it when I see him in 2 weeks.  Hoping/praying some feeling is coming back.  :o)  Since it is happening on both sides I don’t think it is anything serious going on.

Other Updates
I finished chemo on 8/28/2012….almost 5 months ago.  I still have no period.  :o(  The doctor said if it doesn’t return within a year that it, most likely, won’t ever return.  I have been praying a lot about it and hoping it will return.  Before I had cancer I prayed daily about having a child and hoped that God would give us one, but each month my period would be a reminder that God still had not answered that prayer.  Then, I finally asked God that if He wasn’t going to give us a child through me (maybe we will adopt) that He would take away my ability to have children so I wouldn’t have a constant reminder of it.  Maybe this is Him removing that reminder.  Funny how I thought it would be better, but now I am still reminded because I don’t have my period.  Go figure.  :o(

BIG Praise
Kevan interviewed with a company in Los Angeles, CA a couple times.  The interviews went well and they called his references.  We continued to pray that he would get this job because it was 90% work from home and only 10% travel to LA.  It was also, mostly, what he wanted to do.  Well, they called and said he didn’t get the job.  Then, 2 days later they called to let Kevan know that they wanted to create a position JUST FOR HIM…doing something he is very skilled at.  The other job included this skill, but it was the primary thing he would be doing, but he wished it was.  So, when they called and said they wanted to create a position just for him he told them he was interested.  Well, they called yesterday and offered him the job!  He took it and he will be traveling to LA in a week or so to start his new job!  We are so excited.  I prayed so hard that God would give him a job that he would love and it is exactly what he wants to do and what he is skilled at.  The best part…..God had them create this job just for Kevan.  That is just awesome!  God is so good!

Well, Kevan and I are heading out to go to the Nashville RV show so we can dream.  We have been dreaming of owning an RV since 2003 when we were dating.  We love camping and traveling.  We’ve never found a used one that we felt God was calling us to buy.  We couldn’t afford a new one.  Maybe today will be the day.  :o)

I pray God blesses you all today!

One Response to “6-Weeks Post Reconstruction and a BIG Praise”

  1. Anonymous January 20, 2013 at 6:20 am #

    Jayde, did you ever think that you are having muscle spasms because you are doing too much?? The doctor lifted restrictions but gradually! I think you are doing too much too soon – your body has to have time to heal through the trauma it has been through. I have “tearing pains” too sometimes but mine are from scar tissue – not sure you would have scar tissue yet – but I definitely would ask the doctor. I think contacting Rena is a fantastic idea! in the meantime – SLOW DOWN!!! My two cents worth – Love, Judy

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