Doesn’t feel like Christmas

22 Dec

Well, there are only a few days left until Christmas.  I wasn’t able to go out shopping and the gifts I did purchase online were last minute thoughts.  Im not happy with Kevans gift but i hope he will understand.  I didn’t prepare enough before my surgery.  We were so busy and there just wasn’t enough time.  We decided not to put up decorations since I can’t help Kevan lift the tree or boxes of decorations.  It would take so much energy to put them out and a few days later I have to put it all away again.  Also, I wasn’t able to make cookies this year and the biggest bummer is that my doctor said I am not allowed to cook Christmas dinner.  I love cooking and baking.  The doctor didn’t  want me lifting a ham or pots and pans.  Also, i cant do anything repetetive like peeling, cutting and mashing potatoes.  I will have to recruit my MIL and Kevan to help with the cooking and we are going with the basics…nothing fancy this year.  Also, my in laws will be shocked when they show up on Christmas and my house looks like a tornado hit it.  ( this is your warning! ) Kevan has helped me some but he has his own projects outside he is trying to finish up before it gets cold and getting wood ready for the stove.  I can’t wait until my restrictions are lifted and I will be able to clean my house!  Wow, I can’t believe I just said that.  Yes, I would love to be able to clean my house.  Lol!  

I know none of the things above matter because we are celebrating Christ’s birthday.  I dont need any of those things to praise and worship my Lord.  So, we will do our best to have a Merry Christmas under the current circumstances.  I’m happy I’m alive, cancer free and able to enjoy it at all!  Praise God for that!  I’m thankful that we did have the money to buy the gifts we did even though Kevan is without a job.  I know so many struggle with finances this time of year.  Also, glad we have the ability to buy online!  Don’t have to take a horse or buggy to town.  :). Who knows, this might be one of our favorite Christmases because I didn’t get all stressed out over shopping, cookies, dinner, cleaning, etc. If no one trips over the junk all around the house then it will be great!

I wish you all a “drain free” Christmas…..which I won’t be having this year!  Lol!!  Merry Christmas!

One Response to “Doesn’t feel like Christmas”

  1. Anonymous December 24, 2012 at 5:53 am #

    You are right Jayde – Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' Birth – it's not about the decorations and gift giving. You will have lots of years to shop. Clean. Decorate and cook in the years to come – see you soon – Judy

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