Prayer Request

18 Dec

I need to ask for prayer.  Last week I received a call from a woman that was connected with the hospital where I had my surgery.  She informed me that they do random testing of drugs and that they tested a drug that was also used by my anesthesiologist and it came back positive for yeast.  I have no idea what this means, but she said I needed to contact them if I experienced a headache and fever.  I’ve been doing really well, but yesterday I started feeling like I was getting sick.  I’ve had a headache since yesterday afternoon….it is soooo bad.  I keep laying down to take a nap to see if it will improve.  My fever is 100.7.  The woman did not leave me with a number to call back and when I call back the caller id number no one answers and there is no voice mail.  I called my doctor, but they are not sure who I need to contact since it is a Centennial Hospital thing and not related to my surgery.  I know that it is highly unlikely that this is connected.  That would just be very odd.  But, I am scared it might be since I never have fevers (except after chemo).  Please pray there is no connection and that my symptoms will subside.  Thank you!  I’ve also prayed and Kevan prayed over me as well.

Update:  I spoke with the anesthesiologist.  He confirmed that they had to notify everyone that has had surgery during the time the drug was used and confirmed that it was found to contain a contaminant.  They believe it was a false positive so I don’t have anything to worry about, but he is only 99% sure. There is still the 1%.  This doesn’t make me feel good since they told me there was only a 2% chance that my lump was cancer!  Anyway, if I am still sick and running a fever tomorrow we have to drive all the way into Nashville again tomorrow to go to the ER.  I’m already listed as a potential person for it and they will just run a blood test called an Antigen test to confirm.  I also have to call a hotline if my headache gets worse, but it is already pretty bad.  He thinks I may have the flu.  :(. Thanks for your prayers.

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