A Painful Night of Sleep

11 Dec

I did so well yesterday that I decided to cut back on my pain meds and did a little more than I had been doing (putting dishes in the dishwasher, worked on my laptop, etc).  I thought I was doing great.  At about 10pm I had Kevan help me into bed and gave me my nightly hydrocodone.  Then, 30 minutes later I called him on the Wilkie Talkie and begged for a Valium.  I was in so much pain I was crying.  Kevan gave it to me and we waited 30 minutes to see if it was going to get better.  It didn’t.  By then, I was bawling I was in so much pain.  I kept telling him I felt like I had been shot.  Lol!  Not sure why, since I’ve never been shot and don’t know what it feels like.  Anyway, Kevan helped me to the bathroom and then he unwrapped my chest.  The pain immediately subsided.  

Then, he rewrapped me and helped me back to bed.  We figured maybe I was wrapped too tight.  But, within an hour it all started again.  If I laid down I was in extreme pain and if I sat up or walked around it was better.  I went back to bed, raised the back of our adjustable foundation as comfortable as I could and then tried to sleep through the pain.  I haven’t had any more tears but it sure was painful.

I got up this morning on my own because I didn’t want to wake Kevan.  This was also stupid because I felt the stitches in my stomach pull as I tried to get up.  I called the doctor’s office this morning and asked them what could be happening.  They think I did too much yesterday because my pain wasn’t as bad and one of my stitches tore something.  I am right handed so it makes sense.  Also, I lifted my laptop and used my laptop for the first time last night so that could’ve pulled something.  I’m not supposed to lift more than 5 pounds and I’m pretty sure my laptop is at least 10 pounds.  That is what I get for trying to work when I’m supposed to be off.  Bad Jayde!

I am very groggy today.  I’m guessing from lack of sleep.  So, I’m off to try to take a painless nap.

One Response to “A Painful Night of Sleep”

  1. Tammy L December 11, 2012 at 4:40 pm #

    Just prayed for you this morning, Jayde… hope you get some rest and feel better again soon! It's hard not to overdo things when you feel well enough to finally “do something”! Sorry you had such a rough night as a result. 😦

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