Final Reconstruction Surgery – Post op Day 1

6 Dec

Im laying in bed at my mother in laws typing on my ipad.  I cant sleep.  We got home from the hospital last night at 7 pm.  I’m doing pretty well.  I can lift myself way better than I could after the mastectomy.  But, I still need help getting to the bathroom and back in bed.  I wake up about every two hours to go to the bathroom, every 4 to take a pain pill and throughout that time just because I’m in pain.  The pain is tolerable if I’m just sitting here.  But, when I have to move it is probably an 8 or 9 out of ten.

I have two drains.  One on each side that Kevan strips and empties for me.  Once the fluid is under 20 cc’s I can have them removed.  I also have a compression wrap over my chest and one over my stomach.  So, I have yet to see myself.  Tomorrow will be my big day.  The wrap on my stomach requires a change in gauze every now and then.  We don’t unwrap,but we slip the gauze in and out from underneath.  It is where they had to remove fat (liposuction) in order to use it to fill in areas of the breast that needed it.  It continues to leak fluid and a lot too.  The gauze, my pants and the bed have all been stained with it.  Hopefully, after washing it will be ok.

I felt very rushed when they made me leave.  I had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia.  All other patients had gone home so they were just waiting on me.  I had to go to the bathroom and urinate before I could go home.  I wasn’t able to.  I tried twice but I was so out of it and my bladder felt like it was asleep.  So, they had to do a catheter.  😦 I hated it.

We asked for 450cc implants so I would be a little bigger than before.  He put in 525cc’s!!  Hope they don’t end up being too big.  I wonder if I will have to buy new shirts to fit!  The wrap is so tight over my chest that they don’t look big at all.

Just wanted to give an update so I don’t forget things.  Also, praise the Lord everything went well.  No complications and my good friend was in my surgery with me.  That was answered prayer.  Thank you all for your prayers.

One Response to “Final Reconstruction Surgery – Post op Day 1”

  1. Sandhya December 6, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

    Wow! Glad to know the surgery went well and that you are doing much better than the mastectomy… God answered them.. 🙂 And i am very sure that tomorrow will be a great day too! Continuing to pray for your fast recovery Jayde. Take care.

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