Thank you to my church…..

3 Dec

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Atlanta waiting for some of my co-workers to arrive so we can meet up downstairs.  I have only met a few of them in person (since I work from home).  I am very excited to see them!  I thought I would type something out while I was waiting.  Kevan came with me since he doesn’t have a job right now.  He is going to meet up with a good friend while he is here and I’m in meetings.

This morning at church I went forward and thanked our congregation for loving me so much and for all of their support during this journey.  I was handed a microphone and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through it without passing out.  lol!  I don’t even like to get up and go to the restroom at a restaurant because I don’t want anyone to notice me.  So, it was very hard for me.  When I got up there, I looked out at everyone and it was just a big blur….time got slow and I started feeling queezy.  lol!  I have no idea what I even said or if I even said what was in my notes.  I was crying too so that didn’t help the situation either.  lol!  So, I wanted to follow-up with a post to them here so I can make sure I said what I meant to.

Our church is our family.  I know that people all the time call their church their “church family”, but…these people are OUR FAMILY.  If they hurt, I hurt.  If they are crying, I’m going to be crying.  If they need me, I’m there!  If they move away….I’m going with them.  Just kidding!  I’m not sure I have ever went to a church where I have felt so loved by SO MANY.  There are so many that mean so much to us.  When we found out I had cancer our church rallied around us…showering us with prayer, love, food and even home improvement help.  :o)  They are wonderful.  I AM SO THANKFUL FOR EACH OF YOU!!!  

I praise God that He brought us to this church while we were going through this journey.  This has been a hard journey, but God’s people have made it so much easier for Kevan and I.  One thing I love about our church is that we are all so different from one another (different jobs, pasts, ages, etc) and because of that we add so much to each others lives.  Also, we all know how imperfect we are and love each other anyway.  :p  We know where we’ve been and we are all thankful for where Christ has brought us.  We all understand where we could be without Christ in our lives.

Some VERY sweet women pulled me out of my chair this morning and brought me down front to pray with me about my surgery Wednesday.  I could feel each one of them touching my back/shoulders as they each prayed for me.  It was overwhelming to feel so cared for and so loved.  That is what my Lord does for me.  He shows me His love through all of these people and I am so thankful for their witness.  I feel bad for those that have to go through something like this and they do not have a church family.  It would be so hard.

We had a women’s retreat this weekend at a cabin hideaway.  One of the sweet ladies opened up her cabin so 20+ women could laugh together, cry together, pray together and have a big ole’ pajama party together.  We had a blast.  I love every one of them and even the ladies that were not able to come.  I love you too and missed you!  God has blessed me so much….I am overflowing with gratitude to Him for placing these women in my life. 

God Bless my church.  Bless each one that prayed for me, brought me food, loved on me, stopped by to see me and lent a hand when we needed them.  Please BLESS THEM BIG for me. 

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.  Philippians 1:3

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