Thank you Mom & Dad!

7 Sep

Today is a sad day.  My mom and dad left me!  They came to take care of me one month ago and now that I’m doing well they are headed back to Michigan.  I can’t believe it’s been a month.  There is just something about having your parents to take care of you….you can whine and they don’t get irritated with you.  lol!  I know it is time for them to go, but at the same time it has been really nice to have them here.  My mom has helped me so much with the house cleaning, laundry and meals.  I haven’t had to worry about any of it.  I don’t know how Kevan and I would’ve ate without her help…let alone had clean clothes.  :o)  It was so nice to climb into a bed at night that was made earlier in the day.  Since going through this I haven’t been making my bed and that one thing is so comforting at night.  My dad was here to drive me to my appointments and do grocery store runs for us whenever we needed anything.  He was known for running to THREE different stores if I was craving something and he couldn’t find it at the first two.  It was very sweet of him….I kept telling him he didn’t have to do that.  He mowed the lawn several times for Kevan since he’s been so busy with work.  Each little thing was such a blessing to us.

Also, I’ll miss my mom saying, “Do you need something to do drink?” or “You need to keep drinking.  You need to get that chemo out of your system!”  or “Did you take your medication?”  It is always nice to be worried about.  lol!

When my parents first decided to come I had a list of things I wanted to do with them before they left.  Cooking and baking with my mom, sewing with my mom, taking my dad to see The Hermitage, visit a friend’s farm, etc.  Well, we didn’t do any of it.  I just haven’t felt up to it.  I guess when you are a cancer patient…you really are a cancer patient…I just don’t have any energy.  This last chemo treatment has really kicked my butt and I’m having a hard time bouncing back.  Also, when I went out on leave of absence from work I had all these hopes of getting my house organized while I recuperated.  That didn’t work out either.  I actually had to recuperate and didn’t have any extra energy to do much.  I start work on Monday.  So, even though they were here a month it really was taken up with Jayde having to “get better” and we didn’t have much time for fun.  We didn’t even have a game night.  But, I really appreciated everything they did for me.

Even though we didn’t have “fun” during their visit I am grateful for them.  They gave up their whole month for me….leaving their nice house in Michigan, their grandkids and my other siblings to come take care of their sick kid.  I love you both.  I will miss you!  I thank God for you both and that He blessed me with you.  My prayer today is that you have safe travels home.  That it is an uneventful and speedy trip.  Lord, please keep them safe.

Last night we made a last minute trip to my Father-in-law’s farm to introduce my parents to his new “ladies”.  My mom wanted to meet his new chickens before they left today.  The hens are adorable!  I could hear them before we made it to their coop…..chatting to each other.  I loved it!  As some of you know I was getting chickens earlier this year, but once I was diagnosed I decided to wait.  It would’ve been too much.  So, it was a real treat to see the girls last night and think about having my own soon.  They’ve laid 4 very cute brown eggs so far.  I did wear flip flops though and one of them decided it would be fun to peck my pink nail polish.  Ouch!  I’ll have to wear close-toed shoes next time!

Here is a picture of me holding one of them.   No one else wanted to be in the picture. 

One Response to “Thank you Mom & Dad!”

  1. Anonymous September 7, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    I know what you mean about the tenderness of having your mom and dad near especially when you don't feel well. Treasure them as I know you do. I miss mine so very much. You are blessed and it is good news to know you are well enough for them to fledge! Much love to you and prayers for you as you heal. xoxNancy

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