14 Aug
My parents arrived here late Saturday night and it has been wonderful to have them here.  We enjoyed church together on Sunday and we’ve been able to sit around and “visit” together.  I love having my mom to comfort me and help me with things around the house and my dad has been able to drive me to my appointments or to the store to give Kevan a break.  I’m thankful that they came all the way from Michigan to be with me.  My mom has been cooking up some comfort food for us (potato chowder), doing my laundry for me, cleaning the kitchen, etc.  It has been so nice.  I took a bath yesterday morning and when I went into the bedroom to get dressed my bed was made.  It was the best feeling.  I couldn’t wait to crawl into it in the afternoon and take a nap.  It was so inviting.  Thank you mom! 
Physical Therapy
I’m happy to say that I only have 2 more PT sessions left.  Thank you to any who prayed for my scar banding/cording from my mastectomy.  The banding/cording is all gone and I have full motion in my arms again.  Praise God!  The therapy seemed so slow at first, but it has improved so much.  The ladies at the PT center took great care of me and I am so thankful for them and their knowledge.  They pushed me to do my exercises (which I am so bad at) and I’m thankful for that too.  It is so great to sleep with my arms above my head again and not wake up because I forgot how painful it was.  I can totally lift my arms above my head now without any pain.  It is so wonderful.  I am so glad that God gave us PT knowledge!
Chemo #3 – Day 8
I think I’m doing really well so far since last Tuesdays treatment.  I am on Day #8 today and haven’t really had any side effects except for the usually nail pain, intestinal issues, throat/stomach pain and foggy brain.  I don’t think they have been as bad as the last 2 sessions.  I am starting to have the bone pain today from the Neulasta shot (in my hips) and realized that the Claritin I purchased is 12 hour instead of 24.  So, that might be why…I don’t know.  It isn’t too bad yet and the doctor prescribed some pain meds this go around, just in case!   But, I don’t like to take them unless I have to.  I’m weird like that.  lol!
I haven’t said much about the menopause symptoms of chemo, but I have missed my period by several weeks (for the first time in my life) and experience MANY hot flashes throughout the day and night.  It is awful.  Night time is worse because it is cold right now at night and I get chilled after a hot flash and then I can’t sleep because I’m too cold.  Then, the hot flashes cause me to get hot and it is a never ending night time battle.  I wake up every 30 minutes to an hour now either freezing or sweating.  I am pretty tired throughout the day from not sleeping good at night.  I’m going to talk to the doctor about it next time I see him. 
I can’t think of anything else “new”.  I am happy to say that I’m not experiencing anything too bad this treatment and I’m praising God for all your prayers!  One thing I want to mention though is that when I am having issues each day I try to “fix” it on my own and forget that I am just a prayer away from comfort.  Stupid me will go a couple days in pain from intestinal issues before I realize that I haven’t even really prayed about it.  Duh!  Then, I pray and God answers.  I should be praying for these symptoms every day, but I get caught up in them and forget that I’m not here alone in this.  My Comforter is just waiting for me to ask.  I need to lean on Him so much more than I do. 

One Response to “Family”

  1. Anonymous August 14, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    Jayde, I'm so thrilled to hear that you have the comfort of your family around you. I also believe one's outlook on things is much better when there aren't MOUNDS of things in front of you each day to try and accomplish, despite the fact that you aren't up to par at this time. Your "potato chowder" comment really hit home–I'm hungry and it sounded good!!! Bet your mom's a fantastic cook, too. I surely would put that in the category of comfort food!Well, all of you be blessed and enjoy every minute you have together–it'll be great. Our daughter and son-in-law will be visiting for the first time next week–we can't wait.Love you bunches, JOY

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