Chemo #3 – Day 4

10 Aug

So far so good.  No bad side effects yet.  My eyesight is starting to mess up.  I really enjoyed reading a bunch during my good week last week, but I guess that is over for awhile.  I’m having a hard time just typing this post…so I’m sorry for any typos.  I’ve been a little tired here and there throughout the last couple days and have been having to take little breaks to rest.  I also took a 1.5 hour nap yesterday and could’ve slept more if I let myself.  I went to bed at 9pm because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.  I moved out to the couch at about 4am though because I didn’t want to disturb Kevan.  He had to work until about 3am so I knew he needed his sleep and I kept tossing and turning and SNORING.  I don’t normally snore (only the first week after chemo…not sure what causes it).  The night before last Kevan thought it would be really funny to tape me snoring.  lol!  He said it sounds freaky and he wanted me to hear it.  So, he got his phone out and taped it.  Luckily, you can barely hear me.  lol!  Anyway, I am the early bird and don’t usually need an alarm clock.  I needed to wake Kev up early enough this morning for a 8am call. Well, I was asleep and never woke up.  Luckily, someone texted him this morning and woke him up in time.  :o)  I remember a few days during last chemo where I slept 10+ hours a night.  So, I guess this is that time.  I haven’t been up that long and feel like I could go back to sleep already.  :o(

My stomach and throat are starting to hurt a little so I just had cream of wheat for breakfast and no coffee (I miss my coffee!).  Trying to drink clear liquids as much as I can, but I am behind.  I was too tired to wake myself up to drink last night.  Fingernails are starting to hurt like they always do and my mouth is starting to feel like sandpaper again.  These are all just the usual symptoms.  Nothing too bad…just annoying.

I had my Neulasta shot yesterday (only 1/2 a shot since my WBC was so high last chemo).  Today I have another PT appointment.  This week, I’m finally starting to feel a difference after the PT work.  Not sure if I’m going to be able to drive myself this afternoon.  I hate being a burden.  My parents are driving down from Michigan tomorrow.  I can’t wait to have my Mama here.  Also, my dad will be able to help drive me to appointments if I need him.  Very excited about their visit.

That’s all for now.  Brain fog is getting worse. 

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