Catch-up Post

21 Jul

My brain is not working so I am unsure if this post is going to make sense.  Also, my vision is not good today so it is hard for me to read or watch TV.  I am on Day 5 of Chemo #2 (Day 26 from Chemo #1).  Currently, my tongue feels like sandpaper, my throat and stomach are burning, I have nausea, my whole body feels numb, the skin under my fingernails is very sore and I am exhausted.  This may sound bad, but really…it is better than last time.  I actually took a nap yesterday afternoon and I still slept 10 hours last night!  I couldn’t get myself up.  I’m thankful that I’m sleeping, but I feel like I’m wasting my day.  With my brain fog though it doesn’t really matter if I’m awake because I’m not all there anyway.  lol!  I haven’t had a rash or skin issues like last time so I think that the steroid has helped a lot with this.

Those of you that are Facebook friends know that I drove myself to my Physical Therapy appointment on Thursday and realized on my way that I shouldn’t be driving.  It was hard to admit, but my brain feels numb and I just knew I couldn’t drive back home.  Kevan’s dad graciously drove up and dropped Kevan off so I wouldn’t have to drive myself back home.  Also, on the way to my PT appointment I wanted a baked potato from Wendy’s to help with my nausea.  Well, I drove up to the drive-thru and there were no potatoes on the menu.  I asked them if they no longer had baked potatoes.  They were like, “No ma’am, we don’t have baked potatoes”.  So, I just ordered the blandest item.  When I got up to the window I was at Burger King.  Not Wendy’s!  Oops.

Here is a picture of my arm wrapped.  They did this at PT to see if it would relieve some of the fluid in my arm.  It did seem to go down a little when they took it off 24 hours later. 

Due to the banding I have from my mastectomy and the extra fluid in my arm I’m having to go to PT 3 times a week.  They mostly do massage and have me do exercises, but it takes about 2 hours each time.  So, I’m a little stressed out because I don’t want to take up that much time from Kevan’s work day so he can drive me and I don’t want to take up anyone else’s day either.  :o(

For someone on chemo I think I’m doing pretty good this time.  Kevan and I were able to drive to Chattanooga to see some friends that were up here from Florida.  It was so great to see them!!  Love you Pam and Julia!  I just had a little nausea and tiredness.  When we returned home yesterday I was exhausted though.  A couple from church brought us dinner (thank you Sheri & Willie!) and it worked out really well since I didn’t have the energy to do anything.  Kevan really enjoyed it too!  I was able to eat a little cornbread and pulled pork.  :o)  I am so thankful for everyone’s prayers, dinners, cards, gifts and words of encouragement.  Kevan and I know we could not get through this without all of you.

I have some other things I want to post about, but I am just too exhausted right now to sit up and type this so I will try to get to it later.  Also, I have about 100 tomatoes that I have to preserve today and I have no idea how I’m going to get the energy to do it.  I don’t want to waste them.  I’m hoping to do a little here and there between my naps.

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  1. Anonymous July 21, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    Jayde – You are awesome! I pray that God will keep providing you the strength to continue what you are doing here. I am sure you are helping so many people providing info and suggestions for so many going through similar struggles. God is right there beside you every minute of the day! Soon all this will be in the past and you will be whole again physically. I believe God probably gives you the "brain fog", to help you get through the hard times. He is So Good! I love you so much! Mom

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